New Book – The Life and Soul of the Party by Mike Gayle


The beginning of this book takes place in September 2006 as Melissa and Billy are making arrangements for the housewarming party they are to have tonight.

When Melissa is in the supermarket, she gets a call from her friend Chris, who tells her that Paul has died in a car crash, and then Melissa faints.

The story then move back in time, and on 2005 New Year’s Eve Melissa and her friends are getting ready for a party. We know that Melissa was in a relationship with Paul for years, but they broke up as they argued a lot and then Paul cheated on her. Her best friend, Vicky, is married to Paul’s best friend, Chris, and they have a four-year-old son, William. Vicky and Chris are worried about Melissa as despite the break-up with Paul, she is still hung up on Paul, who is now going out with Hannah. Apart from these friends, there are Cooper and Laura, who are also a couple. Cooper is Chris’s brother, and that night as Melissa talks to them, she feels there is trouble ahead. Laura feels she wants to travel the world for a while whereas Chris wants to buy a house and even plans to propose to Laura. It is at this party that Melissa meets Billy, and I imagine that they fall in love. In their first encounter there haven’t been fireworks, especially as Paul appears when they are having their first conversation, and Billy can sense Melissa has feelings for Paul.

It will be interesting to see the interactions between these friends. I am curious to know if Melissa started seeing Billy because she liked and later loved him, or as a way to get over Paul.


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