The Exclusives 4 – The End



In the end the encounter between Josephine and Freya takes place, and we learn what happened that night. It was more or less what I suspected. Apparently, Josephine had blocked the whole memory, but I think she knew because if you don’t remember something, you are surely curious to know what happened. I can understand that thinking about that night sent her into a panic, but deep down she must have known. Both girls were raped, and Freya admitted that she spiked Josephine’s drink, so she took more than the half a pill she knew about. Then she thinks that if she hadn’t been so drugged, she could have prevented those men from attacking them, but she can’t know that. What could a couple of teenage girls have done against two strong men? I can understand Freya feeling betrayed by Josephine, and I understand she turned to the girl Josephine almost loathed. What I can’t understand is how Josephine went against her friend and humiliated her. It is not clear if what Sally told her is true. I don’t mean the affair, which turned out to be real, but about what Freya had been telling behind Josephine’s back. Is it true that she called him evil and compared her to her schizophrenic mother? We are not sure if that is true, and Josephine never tried to find out the truth. If I had been her, I would have tried to talk to my best friend, someone I had known for many years, and not trust the word of a girl.

Josephine, Sally, and Freya were accepted in Oxford, but Josephine, Sally, and Verity were suspended at the time until the investigation didn’t finish. So they had to stay at home. Mrs Allen told them when they were summoned for a meeting that the school were considering expelling the three of them and informing Oxford about it. Then at the meeting the secretary that did the delivery of the school papers was there, and when she mentions the lie Josephine fed her, she is discovered. I have to say that Josephine did a good thing too because she could have told that Sally was also involved, but she didn’t say a word. So she is expelled from the school. Mrs Allen calls her some days later, saying that the university had been informed but they have decided that the last word about Josephine still going to Oxford would be Mrs Allen’s, but she is worried about the school’s reputation.

We know that in the end Josephine doesn’t go to Oxford. I imagine that Mrs Allen put the school’s interest before Josephine’s. In the last chapter Josephine writes a letter of apology to those she did wrong with her lies: Mrs Cappe (the secretary), Verity, Peter, the printer guy, and Freya. That was a good thing, but I still believe that she behaved hideously back in 1996. I am glad, though, that she agreed to see Freya and talked about the past. This was something that they should have done long ago. I guess that now they can both leave the past behind and move on in life.






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