The Exclusives 3


I think Josephine is really hateful.

Now after the gossip about Freya and Mrs Kitts is published in the school paper, she does everything to blame Verity and protect herself. She keeps lying, lying and lying. Some of her lies are not believable. For example, when she goes back to the woman delivering the paper and the man at the printer she makes up an excuse about the Prime Minister not wanting to know that there was some information that he wanted to remove (One of her articles was about the Prime Minister, and that had been her excuse when she tried to stop the paper from being printed and delivered). I can’t believe that these two people fell for it. I can understand that Tom, the man at the printer, has no idea what is happening at the school, but I have the idea that the other woman is part of the school staff, so she must know that there is an ongoing investigation about the article about Freya.

It’s incredible that Josephine is not happy with soiling Freya’s reputation and even getting a teacher into trouble, but she does everything to shift the blame onto Verity. I think that shows she is not a good person. After that, Freya is nowhere to be seen, which is a relief for Josephine. Then after she has her interview for Oxford, she returns to the school, and there are  some police cars and an ambulance. Then she and another girl see the stretching and they know it is Freya, who has tried to kill herself. When she goes to her dorm, the house mother tells her to move to the san. Mrs Allen, the head teacher, is curt with her, and the following day she shows her a note in which Freya blames her. Josephine keeps denying everything before Mrs Allen, the governor, her father, and Freya’s father, and she insists on blaming Verity. I really think Josephine is such a bad person, and from the references she mentions about her friendship with Freya, we know that she has always been quite a mediocre friend, but she always dominated her friend.

In 2014 Josephine is still at the clinic, and the woman who she recognizes is one of her ex school friends. It is Gracie Lovell, who she wasn’t really a good friend. Gracie tells her that she knows that Freya wants to get in contact with her, but however much Josephine tries to find out about what Freya wants, Gracie still won’t tell her. I still don’t know what Freya is so afraid of. I imagine that her lies didn’t hold and Freya must have known what Josephine did to her at school, but that happened eighteen years ago. Does Josephine fear a retaliation, or is she too ashamed to face Freya? Hasn’t she ever considered apologising to the woman she claimed was her best friend for the way she treated her? When Josephine talked about almost killing Freya, did she mean that she was partly responsible for her attempted suicide? I think Josephine should take responsibility for her actions and be big enough to admit her faults. I can’t blame Freya for doing something so drastic as attempting on her life. If she was raped or attacked on her night out, her friend didn’t do anything to help her, and then that same friend shamed and humiliated her, it is no wonder she would snap in the end.



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