The Exclusives 2


I have to say that I don’t like Josephine at all.

She didn’t have it easy growing up since her mother was schizophrenic and was in and out of hospitals all the time. Yet, I can’t understand how she treats her best friend Freya. The night they go out, something happens that change their lives. Josephine mentions alcohol and pills, but there’s blood in the back of her neck, and Freya is dirty, haggard, and miserable. Later when she agrees to go to a therapy, she mentions trying to kill her best friend. Was that what happened? I don’t know. I have the idea that Freya was raped, but it’s not too obvious. What Josephine was obsessed was for Freya to keep quiet about what happened because she didn’t want to risk her position as head and prefect as that would ruin her chances to go to Oxford. If Freya was raped, I think Josephine acted really wrong.

Whatever happened ruined their friendship. Freya turned to Verity and stopped talking to her. I think Josephine is also petty when Freya was also nominated for the scholarship, Josephine was a bit disdainful, thinking that it was really strange that she had been nominated. And then a girl came to her with some gossip, involving Freya, and when the same girl told her that Freya talked behind her back, using her mother’s disease to mock her, Josephine thought that she would get back to her by publishing that information in the school newspaper.  If Josephine and Freya were such good friends, I think Josephine should have checked the information. She only had Salley’s word that Freya said anything about Josephine’s mother or Freya’s secret was true. Then when the information was written and printed but not yet delivered, it was Freya who tried to sort out things with Josephine. It was Josephine, who had let her down, but it was Freya, who took the first step. And then the following day the secret was out even though Josephine tried to stop it.. The secret was that Freya was seen with a teacher naked and in a close embrace. Josephine had wanted to keep Freya’s name out, but to her shock she realized that despite going through the whole thing several times, she had forgotten to delete Freya’s name. So what did that do Freya afterwards? And did Josephine forget to remove Freya’s name or was Verity and Salley who conspired against her?

At present Josephine’s mother dies in her last suicide attempt. Josephine returns to London. She is a really strange woman. She keeps refusing to see Freya, and I wonder what she fears so much. Eighteen years have passed, so what was she afraid of? Josephine is not right, and she starts seeing a therapist to get some drugs for her anxiety, but she doesn’t take her problems seriously as she won’t talk about what really worries her. One of her worries is that she might turn into her mother, and the second concern is what happened in the past. I wonder what was so terrible in the past that still affects Josephine so much today. Freya keeps emailing to tell her that she is going to go to see her whether she wants it or not, and that is why Josephine decides to heed her therapist and agrees to be in a clinic. Josephine is not right, but the problem is that she isn’t letting herself be helped and she is there to hide from Freya. Yet, she can’t hide from the past, and it is in this clinic that she recognises someone from the past. Another woman is there who I imagine is one of the other girls from her old school. I wonder who the woman is. Salley? Verity? Or maybe someone else?

The plot is intriguing despite my dislike for the main character. I don’t feel sorry for her at all because as far as we’ve seen it, she didn’t act right with her friend. I am intrigued to know what happened that night. I hope the truth doesn’t let me disappointed because sometimes the big truths announced throughout some books can be real letdowns. I hope this isn’t the case.


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