New Book – The Exclusives by Rebecca Thornton


The narrator of this new book is Josephine Grey.

She is some kind of archaeologist in Jordan. It is 2014, and she gets an email from Freya, her best friend when she was at a boarding school. The email upsets Josephine so much that her colleagues notice her change. Something happened in 1996 with Freya, something that changed their lives and ruined their friendship. Now eighteen years later Freya is coming to Jordan on business and wants to meet, but Josephine tells her she can’t as she is busy. Yet, as days go by, she is anxious to get an email from Freya, but nothing comes.

The book alternates between the present day (2o14) and 1996. In that year Freya and Josephine were in their Upper Sixth. Freya and Josephine were best friends, and at the beginning of the autumn term Josephine, who was a model student, is made head girl, and she and Freya are also appointed prefects. There is also another girl, Verity, who is in direct competition with Josephine. Verity is deputy head, but it is clear that she and Josephine don’t see eye to eye. They are also eager to win a grant in the school that would mean going to Oxford University without the hassle of gaining entrance.

The beginning is interesting. The problem between Josephine and Freya seems to come from a night in 1996 when they went out and Josephine did something terrible. I wonder what that is. What could Josephine have done that still haunts her today? I don’t think it’s anything illegal. Was it something to do with boys? I have no idea, but I’m really intrigued.


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