Christmas at the Crescent by Veronica Henry


This is a lovely novella about Josie.

She is a talented chef, but she had to leave her profession and aspirations when she got pregnant. Now Titus is ten months old, and she is the only carer as her partner left her for another woman when Titus was only a few hours old. Giles is now regretting his behaviour, and pushed by his mother, he realises that he wants to spend more time with his son, especially as his relationship with Rebecca is not what he hoped it would be.

It is Christmas time and Josie meets Harry, her neighbour, a writer of TV shows. As Giles starts spending time with Titus, Josie gets the chance to have some kind of affair with Harry. It is clear that this man is not reliable when after their first night she leaves her and doesn’t even call her for days. Then on Christmas Day when she invites him in, he excuses his behaviour to fears as he admits he is not good at relationships. It is true, but Josie still keeps letting him in. The proof to show her what this man is really like comes when they go skating and she falls and breaks her wrist. She is taken to hospital, but Harry leaves her there. It is Giles who takes her home and helps her around the house while Harry just sends her a bunch of flowers and doesn’t even call.

I love the ending. It is not as romantic as I hoped it would be, but Josie and Giles decide to get back together and be the couple of their little boy.

It was a nice story. I liked it!


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