The Gift 3


I think that Jenna is meddling in affairs that are not her business.

She is out to get into real trouble. Her intentions are good. After her encounter with Callie’s parents, she thinks she wants to do something for them as she feels indebted to them. It is thanks to their generosity that she has a new chance in life. So the thing that she knows Tom was is to know what happened the night Callie died, and Jenna feels compelled to find out the truth.

First, she finds out where Nathan, Callie’s fiancé, works, so she waits for him outside his office. However, she misses him in the crowd of people there, but then when she goes to the Co-op for a bottle of water, it is him who starts the conversation when he catches Jenna eating strawberries. Strange things are happening to Jenna; she is starting liking things she disliked before like strawberry or Abba music, and she is afraid when she gets some flashbacks. When Nathan makes the comment, Jenna faints, and when she comes around, Nathan is helping her, and he offers to let her recover in his home. Jenna is reluctant at first, but her desire to know more about Callie is compelling, so she ends up in the house where Callie used to live. That night she learns that Callie loved strawberries and Abba music, and also she was afraid of Jack Russells  because she was bitten by one when she was a child, and Jenna recently had a strange experience with a dog of that breed at the veterinary clinic she works. I don’t think Jenna is acting well when she meets this man under false pretences. Her intentions are good, but her procedure isn’t. When is she going to tell Nathan who she is?

Strange things keep happening to her. She keeps having dreams that she knows are Callie’s memories, and she has changed in her tastes. Then she has these flashbacks that fill her with panic. Now she believes that the theory about cellular memory is true, and even though she tries to explain things to Vanessa, her counsellor, the woman dismisses her theories. Vanessa has a theory for every single point Jenna is trying to make, and at the end of the session Jenna has to concede that maybe Vanessa might be right. Whatever it is, she knows something is happening to her.

At work things are not going well. She keeps making mistakes and then she doesn’t remember making them. She thinks that maybe the girl replacing her while she was on sick leave is trying to show her off as she wants her job. Vanessa, who also works at the clinic, and her bosses don’t believe her when she makes that accusation, and I don’t know what to think about it. Has Jenna had a blackout and made these mistakes subconsciously? Or is she right about Kelly?

Jenna’s curiosity doesn’t stop with checking on Nathan. She decides to check the dental clinic where Callie worked. She tells the receptionist that she was Callie’s cousin. Sarah, the receptionist, tells her that she was friends with Callie, and she repeats what everybody so far has told her: Callie and Nathan were the perfect couple. However, she also tells her that the week when she died, Callie had been off sick one day, and when she returned to work the following day, she looked haggard and had a black eye. According to Sarah, Callie got hurt when she slipped in the bathroom, which is not what she told her parents. Taht means that she lied to her colleagues and her parents. So what happened to her? Did Nathan hit her, or was it someone else? Then she also meets one of the dentists, Chris, and even though she can’t ask him much, she sees a photograph in his office of him and Callie, their faces close together looking at the camera. Could Callie have had an affair? Could that be the reason why she had the accident? Was she meeting someone that night and that was why she was found in Woodhaven? When Jenna visited Callie’s parents, they lent her a GPS that belonged to Callie, and the last destination on the device was an aerodrome where there is nothing? So I wonder if this was the place where Callie might have met her lover?

After Chris, Jenna talks to Sarah again. The woman tells her that Callie’s sister was sometimes seen in bad company in a pub nearby, and she also gives Jenna a mobile phone, which was not Callie’s regular one. Callie used to have an iphone, which Tom checked, but Sarah didn’t think giving this other phone to Callie’s parents as she thought it wasn’t important, but now that Jenna came, claiming to be Callie’s family, she has remembered. I wonder what Jenna will find out on this mobile. Maybe if my theory of the lover is right, Callie might have been using this second mobile for her communications with her lover.

Jenna won’t stop here. I guess that she will try to find out more about Sophie, Callie’s sister, in the pub that Sarah mentioned. She has also got a letter from Tom as Callie’s birthday is soon, and he wants Jenna to go with them to the cemetery and then for a meal. What if Nathan is there and finds out the deceit? What will Jenna’s excuse be? Nathan has also called and invited her for a walk along the canal, and Jenna has accepted. Does she plan to tell Nathan who she is? I’m afraid that Nathan feels attracted to Jenna because she looks like Callie with her new hairdo. I hope Jenna doesn’t do anything stupid like having an affair with him. I know Jenna is still in love with Sam, and the reason why she broke up with him shows her love as with her disease her future has changed. Her life expectancy is not high and it would be too risky to have children. Jenna couldn’t have Sam sacrificing his dreams for her. That shows how much Sam means for her as she hopes he can meet the woman who can give her what she can’t. That is such a sad love story.


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