The Gift 2


Jenna goes to visit her donor’s parents.

The first reaction when Amanda, the mother, opens is of shock and she slams the door shut, but then her husband, Tom, appears and welcomes Jenna. When Jenna sees a photograph of the girl whose heart she now has, she realizes why Amanda was shocked. After she went to the hairdressing salon with her mother, she changed her hairdo, having it cut in a pixie style and dyed red. So when she sees the photograph, she sees that with her new haircut she and Callie, the donor, look alike. Amanda and Tom tell Jenna that they had another younger daughter, Sophie, but they have also lost her.

Jenna finally musters the courage to ask them how Callie died. Amanda tells her that she was killed in a car crash, but since she gets upset to talk about that, she goes to bed, and Tom continues. He explains that the day Callie died they went to a wedding. Callie and her fiancé Nathan picked them up for the wedding. Then during the reception Tom and Amanda couldn’t find the couple or the car, so they had to ring a taxi. Then in the middle of the night the most terrible call came. Callie had crashed her car into a tree and died almost instantly. Later Nathan told them that he went home earlier because he had a headache, but instead of taking the car, he called a taxi as Callie wanted to stay at the wedding. However, Tom and Amanda didn’t see her at the wedding, and the strange thing is that the place where Callie crashed the car was in the opposite direction of where Callie lived, and nobody knows why she was driving in that direction. I have the hunch that there is something off about the accident.

Tom shows Jenna some more photographs of Callie and also of Nathan. Jenna sees that Nathan is tall, dark, and attractive, and she feels a tug at her heart. There is a photograph of Callie and Nathan at some dinner, and Jenna sees that her face is bruised and she has a black eye, and Tom explains that this was the day before the accident, and Callie looked like that because she had walked into a closet at work. Tom says that they have kept the photograph because it is the last one of Callie, but if she hadn’t died, she would have deleted it. I have a hunch that there is more to Callie’s story than meets the eye. I think there might have been foul play in her death. I’m pretty sure that sooner or later Jenna will meet Nathan. I don’t know what to think of Nathan, but what we know so far makes me suspicious. Was he in some way responsible for her death? Did he kill her? And what about the bruises on her face? Did she really hit her face with a closet, or did he beat her?

Very interesting, but at the same time unnerving. Jenna might be walking into danger if she gets more involved with her donor’s family. The prologue in the book could well be real and Jenna is fleeing from someone and not one of her anxiety attacks.

I am also curious about the relationship between Jenna’s parents. Jenna’s mother has mentioned divorce. They separated after all the mess with Jenna’s condition, and Jenna has felt responsible for her parents’ problems. However, she now thinks that the problems are deeper than that, and I am curious to know more as well.


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