Ward Zero: the Dead Ward 3 – The End



Of course Jack was the killer!!! I was afraid for Sarah but I hoped nothing would happen to her. When they are on their date, Sarah starts talking about the unofficial investigation she and Caitlyn are carrying out, and Jack makes the mistake of mentioning Glynis’s name even though Sarah hasn’t told him. It is then that he knows she has to get rid of Sarah. He does the same as with Petra. He uses the taser, and because he doesn’t want to kill her as he killed Petra, he ties her up and takes her to an unused cellar in the hospital. He hopes she will die of starvation in a week or so.

In the meantime, Mim, Frankie, and Caitlyn are worried about Sarah, but they are slow in making the connection, and no one suspects Jack at first. He has concocted a story about him leaving him on the high street where she was supposed to take a bus home. Even when Sarah regains consciousness, she doesn’t remember what Jack had done. Actually, she is worried about him, thinking that whoever kidnapped her might have hurt him. It is then that she remembers being in Jack’s car and seeing him use the taser on her. So she realizes that Jack was the man who tricked Wilma and Glynis out of their money and killed Petra. Sarah tries to escape, and she manages to remove the burlap sack from her head and cut some of her ties, and when Jack reappears, she tries to hit him, but he is too fast and strong for her, so he subdues her again and strengthens the ties around her limbs.

At her home Caitlin, Min, and Frankie get the call from Glynis. She has remembered a few other names she talked to while in hospital, and she also recalls a young man she talked to alone. The police asked her to go to the station so that they can make a sketch, and they also ask Frankie, Caitlin, and Caitlyn. When the picture is finished, they are all shocked to see it is Jack. The police go after him, and they catch him as he returns home after he tried to scam another old lady. The man won’t talk, but Sergeant Harris and Caitlyn go to the hospital because they think Jack might have hidden Sarah in the hospital. While they are looking, Nick, the nurse, and Evan come to them. Evan remembers seeing Jack, so they steer them to the building, and they finally find Sarah. She is weak and mauled, but alive.

The end was good. Sarah is going to be better and she gets the visit of Nick, and there’s the promise of a romance there. Meantime Jack is acting like a little child, crumblign down and asking for his mummy. We don’t know what is going to happen to him as the end is not closed, but it is clear that this man has serious problems. The money he tricked Wilma and Glynis out of wasn’t a fortune, but he went to the extreme of killing two women and Sarah could have been the third one, just to protect himself.

I loved the book. It was really compelling, and as you know that something is going to happen to Sarah from the first moment, you feel frustrated and want to shout at her. A great book.


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