Ward Zero: the Dead Ward 2


There has been another crime.

Wilma’s friend, Netta Chrisholm, has been the second victim. At Petra’s memorial service she talked to Frankie, Sarah, and Jack, and she said that Wilma was always good for a good gossip. So that alerts the murderer who suspects that Wilma might have told Netta about the money. That means that Wilma knows about him and the money. I’m pretty sure it is Jack who is the killer even though in his parts his name is nowhere to be found. During the memorial Jack is solicitous, especially with Netta and her other friend, and he even gives them a lift home. That is how she knows where Netta lives, so the following day as he knows that Netta is a danger to his safety, he decides to kill her. He goes to her house and naturally she welcomes him, and as soon as they are at the kitchen, he attacks and kills her, and makes it look as if the woman slipped on spilt sugar. The police, though, is suspicious as two strange deaths are too much of a coincidence.

Sarah still suspects Nick, but I don’t know why. The man has been very kind to her, and when she sees him tense and looking at her at the memorial, her suspicions grow. I don’t think Nick is the murderer, but he is just attracted to Sarah and is disappointed that she already has her sights on someone else. Sarah is too naive to consider all the nurses suspects, but not once does she consider that the man who is dating her might have something to do with the deaths.

Caitlyn has found out that there is another case similar to Wilma in which a woman staying at hospital was conned out of £3,000. That was Glynis, and Sarah and Caitlyn go to see her, but the only information that the woman has is that the man who called her had a deep voice just like her son-in-law. But why didn’t they ask her about the man who was supposedly sent to collect the money? That must be the same man who phoned her. Why hadn’t they thought of asking about that particular detail? The man who conned Glynis must have been in the hospital to learn who Glynis’s daughter and son-in-law were, so that means that person must have been staff. So what they should do is to compare the staff working in the hospital where Glynis was at the time, and the staff in Wilma’s hospital. That is something the police could do, isn’t it?



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