I won’t be Home for Christmas 3


Vivienne and Ellen have reached New Zealand safe and sound.

They are met by Emma and her fiancé Michael at the airport. It is clear from the first that Michael is quite a cold fish, and as the hours progress, Vivienne and Ellen get more and more concerned. It seems as if Emma, who has always been a free spirit, is too eager to please Michael, and he has no compunctions to show his disapproval whenever he wants. I don’t like Michael at all, and I’m afraid Emma will be making a mistake if he marries this man. Vivienne has talked to her, trying to make sure Emma knows what she is doing, but the young woman claims she loves him and this is what she wants. Maybe that is what she wants, and she might love Michael as he is, but does he love her the way she is? I have the impression that Michael is going to try to change her to his liking, and I have the hunch that he doesn’t approve of Vivienne or Ellen.

They are now staying on the huge property that Michael’s father Gil owns. It is an impressive ranch overlooking the cliffs, and it is beautiful. When Vivienne meets Gil, she feels some excitement and fluttering that she hasn’t felt in years, so I have the hunch that something will happen with the man. There is a mention of someone called Tessa, and it is not clear who she is, but I think she might be an animal, and not the man’s partner or wife as Ellen and Vivienne think.


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