With Love at Christmas 6 – The End


The end is lovely.

Juliet and Rick open their house not only to their family but people who have no one to spend their Christmas with like Lisa and her little daughter, and Robin, Juliet’s boss, whose wife has left him for a younger man that day. Christmas lunch is quite eventful. Lisa and Merak hit it off and there’s romance in the air, and Julies arranges the table so that they can sit together. Robin doesn’t have his best day. When she gets to Juliet’s house, he is unable to stop in time and crashes into both Juliet’s car and Rick’s van. He is drunk, and even though he sobers up later, he doesn’t stop creating problems. He gets interested in the woman who Tom has brought home, which makes everyone uncomfortable. Tom is not happy, but later he realizes that he is not that interested.

There are some nice moments between Juliet and her father, Juliet and her two children, and Juliet and Rick. Tom is not ready to settle down yet, and even though he tells his mother, he wants to have what she and his father has, he wants to taste the waters first and doesn’t think he will be ready yet, rather in ten or twenty years. Chloe finally admits that Juliet has helped her more than she should, and she voices her admiration and love for her mother. It is a nice moment between mother and daughter.

It is a lovely, happy ending, which is what I expected and wanted.


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