With Love at Christmas 5


Juliet is having her house full for Christmas this year.

Her home is already bursting at the seams with her two children, her grandchild, and her two parents staying. Christmas Day proves that the family is really welcoming. First, they discover that the intruder they suspected broke into Rick’s shed is Malek as he tells them that his landlord kicked him out of his room and he doesn’t have enough money to rent anything else since he sends every penny to his family in Poland. Juliet takes pity of him and invites to sleep in her mother’s room that night (Rita and Frank have gone to their house when Rita had a meltdown and insisted on wanting to be in her own home) and he will be sharing Christmas Day with the Joyces.

Then Chloe comes home from hospital with Baby Holly, and Mitch, her children’s father, is also included in the celebration. To Juliet’s delight she realizes that Chloe is making an effort, and there can be hope for the couple in the future.

Nick also goes to pick up Juliet’s parents. And then three strangers appear in Juliet’s doorway, a woman and two teenagers, who claim that they have been invited by Tom and they should make themselves home. The woman, Mali, is quite rude, and when Juliet calls her son, he confirms that he has invited Mali, who is some kind of girlfriend. Juliet doesn’t like the woman, and I have to say that I don’t like her either. What was Tom thinking? Inviting this stranger to their family Christmas dinner. I wouldn’t like that, and I think Juliet is too generous.

Then Juliet finally asks Rick about Lisa and Izzy. So Rick tells her the truth about this young woman and her little girl, and the terrible conditions under which they are living. Rick claims that he didn’t tell her because he didn’t want to talk about somebody else’s problems when Juliet had so much on her plate. This also shows them that they have little quality time to be together, and they don’t even have much chance to talk about their worries and concerns as they are too busy with family problems. This proves that they need to find some time and be able to talk. Generous as she is, Juliet tells Rick to pick up Lisa and Izzy so that they can enjoy a good Christmas. That was a nice touch.


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