With Love at Christmas 4


I was right about Francis, Juliet’s boss, and the party.

He makes a pass at her, but I have to say that Juliet handles the situation quite well. Francis admits to feeling lonely in his marriage, and Juliet advises him to talk things through with his wife. Yet, we know that Juliet feels a bit tempted.

What I don’t understand is why Juliet hasn’t talked to Rick about the texts she found on her phone. Doesn’t this married couple talk about important things? I can’t understand why Rick hasn’t told Juliet about Lisa and keeps lying about it. What does he want with Lisa? We know that he’s in love with Juliet, and I thought that he just wanted to help Lisa. So if that is the truth, then why the secrecy? He even risks the foul weather to go and see Lisa, and then he is left marooned in the snow. Since the pub is not open for business, he accepts to stay at Lisa’s, and then he lies to Juliet. I think if his feelings are wholesome, what Rick is doing is beautiful, but that secrecy turns his good deeds into something sordid. He has also bought some presents for Lisa and her little daughter and hidden it, and then Juliet has found the two presents, thinking that they are presents for Chloe and her grandchild. I hope Rick talks to Juliet soon, because if she gets more suspicious of what Rick is doing behind her back, she might be tempted by Francis, and that will mean that a misunderstanding could cause great trouble.

Chloe has finally had her baby, a little girl. The birth was quite an event, as the young woman was turned down at the hospital since it was full, so Juliet and Rick had to drive her to another hospital. Yet, they did not manage to reach it as Chloe went into labour and had the baby in the car, assisted by her mother. I wonder how  Chloe will manage with two small children. I find her so selfish and self-centred. It is as if she considers her son a plaything, and it is her mother’s responsibility. Juliet and Rick have talked and realized that they need to set some rules and make Chloe understand that her children are her responsibility, and her parents are only there to help.

Rita is getting worse, talking gibberish and wandering off when nobody is watching. Juliet should have taken her mother to the doctor by now because it is clear that her mother’s mental health is declining.

I find some things a bit unbelievable. One of the moments that I take with a pinch of salt is when Marek claims he doesn’t have a coat and Rick gives him his. How can that be? Marek comes from Poland, a country where there is snow all winter long, and he doesn’t have a coat? Even if the one he had was tattered and he had to get rid of it, he has a regular job with Rick and another at a pub, so although he sends the money home, he could keep enough to buy a coat.

We are heading for the last part of the book. Please Rick, tell Juliet about Lisa and don’t act so foolishly.


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