With Love at Christmas 3


Nothing much more has happened.

Rick is worried about money being tight as several of his clients refuse to pay, giving him all kinds of excuses. Then Marek borrows the van and when he returns it, he gives Rick over 8,000 pounds. He has managed to get the money people owed Rick, using a story about him belonging to the Russian Mafia. Rick is unsure about his methods, but he realizes that if these people don’t require his services any longer, then let it be since they are not good payers.

As for Juliet, she has gone to the office Christmas party. Even when she is supposed to have a good time, she is worried about her family and calls them to check on them. I have a feeling that she is going to have a surprise at the party. I have the hunch Robin might make a pass at her. I hope to be wrong, because if she refuses, which I hope that’s what she’ll do, it will be very awkward at the office afterwards.


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