N is for Noose 4


Kinsey’s investigations are bearing fruit now.

From the telephone register she finds the number for a hotel in Santa Teresa. Her intuition tells her that she won’t get much from the hotel receptionist, but she is wrong. The man remembers Tom, who was there last June asking after a guest, Alfie Toth. The man also tells Kinsey that before Tom another detective had come enquiring about the same man, and this policeman had a warrant. Neither the detective nor Tom didn’t have much luck as Toth had already checked out. Kinsey also learns that Toth was found dead in a national park, not much later, and his death was considered murder. Kinsey talks to the detective in charge of Toth’s case, but she doesn’t get to learn much more. Then she is to visit Toth’s ex-wife as hers was the address Toth gave at the hotel, and the only new piece of information that Kinsey gets is that Tom was after Toth because he hung out with someone called Ritter, who had been murdered.

I guess that Kinsey is on the right scent. I wonder why Tom was interested in this case and if that was the reason why he was so anxious in the last weeks. Tom’s death was supposedly be for natural causes, but what if that is not so. Could it be that his heart attack was caused by something that was put in his food?



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