N is for Noose 3


When Kinsey starts investigating, it is clear that people don’t like Selma.

Everybody talks wonders about Tom, but they all cast aspersion on Selma. Nobody is willing to speak freely about Tom and nobody wants to admit they know something. What Kinsey discovers is that Tom’s notebook is missing, and Phyllis, Selma’s sister-in-law, tells her that when she accompanied Tom and her husband to some function outside the town, she saw Tom with a woman, and they looked very cosy together. When she asks around, everybody claims that Tom was too noble to have an affair. Kinsey learnt through Phyllis that the woman she saw worked for the sheriff in Santa Teresa, Kinsey’s town.

Then Kinsey has an episode in which she is followed by a van whose driver is wearing a ski mask, and then he makes a threatening gesture, moving his hands as if he were shooting her. Kinsey reports the incident. Then the following night she wakes up when she hears someone trying to open the door in her cottage. When the man manages to unlock the lock, he takes her by surprise and beats her up. Kinsey end sup with several crushed fingers, bruised ribs and face. Kinsey has never been too sure about this case, and now she thinks it is time she went home. She hasn’t decided yet whether to dump the case, but I imagine that in Santa Teresa she will try to locate the woman Phyllis saw Tom with.

I am quite intrigued and wonder why Tom was acting so strange the last weeks before his death. It is clear that something is up, and someone was worried about Kinsey finding out something. I wonder what it is.



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