N is for Noose 2


Kinsey has taken lodgings in the cottages that Tom’s sister hires.

The woman doesn’t have a good opinion of her sister-in-law, telling Kinsey that she considers Selina too shallow and materialistic. She thinks that Tom could have done better than Selina who pressured him to get more and more. I don’t know about that. Selina seems to have money to burn, but her husband just worked for the sheriff, and I don’t think that earned him tons of money, so I guess that the money is hers. Maybe she got her wealth from an inheritance or her previous marriage.

She also has a poor opinion of Selina’s son Brant, who in her opinion was spoilt and rebellious. She even admits to having no love for her younger brother Macon. I don’t know if Kinsey can trust this woman’s word as she has such a poor opinion of everyone.


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