Wrapped up in You 3 – The End


I can’t say I have enjoyed this book too much.

The beginning was good, and I thought I would enjoy a good romantic story. Yet, as the plot veers into a romance between Janie and a Massai warrior, I found too unrealistic, and I got quite bored. From the first I loved the tenderness from Mike, and even though I liked Dominic, I wasn’t really interested in a story between him and Janie. I just couldn’t buy it. So I skipped great chunks at the end of the book. There are a few tenses moment when Dominic goes missing after he hears Nina telling Janie that she thinks Dominic is just after her money. He think that this is a humiliation, and he goes because that is what he would do in his country. Janie and Mike try to find him, but he is nowhere to be found. As luck will have it, it is Nina who sees him on the television as the news shows him in a story about him defending someone from a mugger’s attack. Mike and Janie go to find, and Janie and Dominic find love, including a pregnancy and a wedding. I’m sorry I didn’t enjoy the book that much.


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