Wrapped up in You 2


The book has taken a different direction to the one I expected.

In her desire to escape Lewis Moran’s harassment and also triggered by jealousy at her ex-boyfriend’s happiness, she decides to travel to Africa after one of her clients has been raving on and on about it. There she meets Dominic, a Masai warrior, and then the story starts to become a bit implausible for my taste. Janie falls in love with him, and she thinks he is the love of her life. I have to say that I was quite disappointed because I can’t relate to Dominic, and I feel so sorry for Mike. Janie keeps going on about how good and kind Mike is, and I thought there was something there between the two. Yet, she falls in love with this man, and I can’t understand why. Dominic can be exotic and handsome, but love is more than physical attraction, and I can’t feel there’s nothing deeper between them. That doesn’t stop her to go to see him another time, selling her late mother’s jewels and even borrowing money from Mike to buy a ticket. Then she asks Dominic to come to live in England with her, and he does.

I thought at first that Dominic was a crook, and he either just wanted to have sex with her like he did with other tourists, or maybe he wanted her money but when he realized she had none, he would leg it. So far I’ve been wrong, but I still think that Dominic is not for Janie. I just can’t feel the romance there. Her friends are not very supportive because they think she is making a big mistake. I have to say that Nine and the others shouldn’t pass judgement when they don’t know Dominic. I am not crazy about Dominic either, and I have the hunch this won’t end happily, but I think her friends are wrong. They could give her some advice because what Janie has done is a bit out of character , but they shouldn’t act as if Janie had committed a crime. The only one who supports her is Mike even though he has even admitted to her that he is in love with her, and that is why he supports her, because he wants the best for her. How can this silly woman not fall in love with this guy?

I also find Dominic’s character a bit unrealistic. Sometimes he is familiar with very modern things, and then the next minute he acts as if he had been taken out of prehistoric times. I know nothing about the Masai warriors, and maybe this man personalises a Masai warrior perfectly, but it doesn’t ring real to me.


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