New Book – Wrapped up in You by Carole Matthews


This new book is also about Christmas even though it starts in October.

Janie is a hairdresser and single. She lived for several years with Paul, but he left a year ago when he fell for someone else. Everyone who visits the salon and her colleagues, especially her friend Nina keep badgering Janie about dating a new man. We have the impression that Janie was never in love with Paul; she mentions that she never felt passion or great love for him. He was someone who was easy to live with. Now Janie really wants to find someone who she can love even though she keeps assuring her friends and customers that she doesn’t need a man in her life. As a matter of fact, I think Janie has also found that man. It is her neighbour Mike, whose wife also left a while ago. Janie and Mike get to see each other every day, and there is true friendship between them. Actually, Janie turns to him when she has some kind of problem and needs to talk to someone. Mike even throws hints that really show he is interested, but Janie is unaware of that.

Then one day Nina tells her that her husband Gerry, who Janie dislikes terribly, can arrange a blind date for her, and even though Janie refuses at first, she ends up agreeing to this date. The man in question is Lewis Moran, who turns out to be a terrible date. He is half an hour late for the date, and then he is loud, rude and keeps making lewd comments. Janie ends up by escaping through the bathroom window as she doesn’t feel strong to tell him she’s leaving face to face. The following day Nina tells her that Lewis thinks she is a terrible woman and wants her. Silly Nina even gives the man Janie’s address, and then the man sends some flowers and even turns up. This time Janie tells him that she doesn’t think that things could work between them, but he says he won’t give up easily. That night Janie gets two anonymous calls, waking her up, and she thinks it is from Lewis Moran. What a nuisance of a man!!! I hope he gives up on her soon because I can imagine what a hassle it must be to have someone you dislike around you.

I loved the beginning of the book. I am sure I’m going to enjoy it, and I bet that Janie and Mike will end up together, at least, I hope so.


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