New Book – N is for Noose by Sue Grafton


Publishing year: 1998

I have just started a new case for Kinsey.

In the last book Dietz returned, but the relationship with Kinsey is ambiguous. At the beginning of this novel we learn that Dietz had knee surgery, and for two weeks Kinsey has been in his flat in Carson City, looking after him. Then someone calls him for his services, but since he is still recovering, he recommends Kinsey. The client is a woman called Selma Newquist, whose husband has recently died. He was a detective in the town’s sheriff’s office. The man died of a heart attack and he was found by a policeman in his car, pulled over on the highway. Selma doesn’t suspect any untoward in his death, but in the last few months her husband changed. He was upset by something, and he often was up during the night, but she never asked him. She doesn’t even know what he was doing on the highway that evening. Kinsey doesn’t have much to go by, and she thinks that the case is hopeless, but she still agrees to see to the case.

The start sounds promising. I wonder what Selma’s husband was so worried and anxious about. Apart from his wife, we have learnt from other characters. There is Tom’s young brother and his wife Phyllis, who live close to them. Tom’s sister runs rural cottages where Kinsey is going to stay. I wonder if Tom’s death was natural, or if there is much more to his death than meets the eye.



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