The Murder on the Links 8 – The End



There are many twists and turns at the end of the story. Poirot discovers that Renauld and his wife wanted to fake his death to get off Mme Daubreuil’s blackmail. That is why he modified the will so that the only beneficiary was his wife. hat way he would later access his fortune when Mrs Renauld get together with him.One of the lucky strokes was when a tramp died of an epileptic fit, and he thought he would pass him off as himself. That is why he was digging a grave at the golf course because he would leave the tramp there after disfiguring him with the lead pipe that Poirot later found. T Yet, the plan went wrong when Renaul was killed for real.

When Jack Renauld is arrested for his father’s death, Poirot thinks that they should go to France to find Hastings’ Cinderella. From a picture found in Jack’s drawer, Hastings guesses that Cinderella is Bella Duveen. Bella and her sister are acrobats,and they find them in Coventry. Cinderella sees Hastings and follows him to his hotel. It is there that Hastints confesses his love, and she admits to having killed Renauld. When Poirot appears, Hastings restrains the detective so that Bella can flee. From this moment on Hastings swears to defend the woman he loves even though she is a murderer. He will lie for her, creating an alibi, but Bella and her sister leave Coventry, leaving no contact address.

Back in France, Poirot is present when Jack Renauld is questioned. The young man doesn’t make a big effort to defend himself, and even though Poirot thinks he is not the killer, he can’t help him. Then out of the blue Bella appears and confesses to the crime. This Bella is not Hastings’ Cinderella, but her sister. Later in a letter Cinderella, whose real name is Dulcie, tells Hastings that her sister was totally obsessed with Jack Renauld and was afraid of what she might do if she felt spurned. When she heard about the crime, she thought that Bella was involved, and that is why she stole the knife. Then she confessed to the crime herself because she thought Hastings wouldn’t be so willing to help her sister. However, when she heard Jack was arrested for the murder of his father, she couldn’t stay away. Jack tells Poirot later that the night of the murder he arrived at the golf course to find Bella near his father’s body, and then she started sobbing and fled. That is why he hadn’t defended himself, because he wanted to shield her from blame.

I knew that the story couldn’t end there, and I was right. I already had my suspicions when Marthe started accusing everyone when Poirot talked to her after Jack appeared to be a possible suspect. Then Poirot realizes the truth and plants a trap for the murderess. He gets help from Mrs Renauld, who pretends to be upset about Jack’s  involvement with Bella Duveen and Marthe. The woman claims that she will change the will so Jack would never touch a penny of his father’s fortune.

It is that night that Mrs Renauld is attacked, and hadn’t it been for Poirot  and Dulcie she would have been murdered. As Dulcie pushes the young girl to save Mrs Renauld, Marthe hits her head and dies. Marthe was the murderer all along, and as Poirot and his motive was money. She heard what the Renaulds intended, which meant that the regular flow of money from her mother’s blackmail would stop, but her greed soared at the thought of getting rid of Mr Renauld, and when Jack married her, she would be a rich woman. Bella had nothing to do with the crime; she only confessed to the crime because like Jack she thought that Jack was the real murderer and she wanted to save him from the guillotine.

In the end, after her daughter’s death Mme Deubreuil flees. Jack and his mother plan to leave for South America, and Dulcie and Hastings end up together. Lovely end.


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