The Murder on the Links 7


Giraud has arrested Jack Renauld.

We know that he lied about seeing Marthe the night his father was killed and he was secretly in town. So if he didn’t see Martha, what was he doing in Merlinville? Giraud is convinced that Jack murdered his father as with his death he got to gain a lot. As far as he knew, he would get half of his father’s fortune. Giraud is convinced that he was in cahoots with the man who was found dead in the shed.

Poirot doesn’t think that Jack is the killer. His theory is different even though he admits he is not sure who the killer is. He talks Hastings into coming up with the truth, using his grey cells. There is something that Hastings gets right. They have forgotten about someone: Conneau, the man who confessed to having killed Mr Beroldy at his wife’s instigation. Yet, he concocts an incredible theory about the second dead man being Conneau and the involvement of all the other characters. Poirot puts him right. Conneau is Mr Renauld, and that is the reason why Mme Daubreuil was blackmailing him because a word of her and he would be arrested and sentenced to death. What I don’t understand is why the Renaulds make up that story about the two Chileans tying and gagging Mrs Renauld and kidnapping Mr Renauld. That is a fabrication, and I imagine they planned something else. Did they intend to kill Mme Daubreuil so that they could get rid of her? Was that their alibi in case the police enquired about it? But then who killed Renauld? Mme Daubreuil? And why was he left in an open grave in the golf course?

And who is the tramp Marthe saw Renauld discussing with? The tramp is the man who died of an epileptic attack, but had the knife stuck in his back. Who is the man? Was he an accomplice of Renauld? And why didn’t Jack Renauld claim his innocence when he was arrested? Is he protecting someone?

And what about the letter from Bella? Poirot concludes that the letter was addressed to Jack Renauld, not his father. The reason was that Jack took his father’s coat when he left in a rage after their quarrel, so Mr Renauld was using his son’s at the time of his death. Who is this Bella? Poirot thinks that Bella is the woman who was seeing in the house the night of the crime, and the torn cheque was intended for her. Is Bella a woman Jack was involved with before Marthe? Why would Mr Renauld want to pay the woman some money? Was it because he feared she might cause problems for his son? I wonder if Bella is Cinderella, and that is why she was so keen on the crime.


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