The Murder on the Links 5


It is hardly surprising when the paper knife that killed Mr Renauld goes missing.

Captain Hastings has to admit that he showed an acquaintance of his the body, and then he left the door unlocked when she walked the lady back to town. The magistrate and the commissar are upset to say the least, but Giraud thinks it is something good, which means that one of the killer’s accomplices took the knife, which means that he is close. Nobody has considered that it was the lady who took the knife, which I think is the most logical explanation. I am intrigued to know who she is and if she is linked to the crime. Did she steal the knife because of her involvement or because she was simply curious and wanted to keep a memento of the case? I have to say that Hastings is too naive and easy to deceive. I am surprised he is a captain, employed by the government for a important position.

What Hastings and Poirot agree on is that Mrs Renauld is holding information or lying. Poirot thinks that the crime was committed two hours before the time Mrs Renauld claims she was attacked. There is a reason for her lie, and I wonder what that is.


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