The Murder on the Links 3


The French police, Poirot, and Hastings go to see Mme Daubreuil, who they suspect was Renauld’s mistress.

They have also found out that the woman paid great sums of money into her bank account, which most probably came from Mr Renauld. The woman and his wife receive them, but Mme Daubreuil refuses to say anything and she claims that Renauld never said anything to her about some secret.

When they leave, the daughter, Marthe, rushes after Poirot and Hastings. She is anxious to know who the police suspect, but Poirot only tells her that the only suspects are two Chileans strangers. When the girl leaves, there is a funny conversation between Poirot and Hastings. It is obvious to Poirot that Hastings is besotted with the girl, and he doesn’t deny it. She is a beautiful girl, and Poirot reminds him that something similar happened when they were investigating the Styles case and Hastings got infatuated with two women who weren’t for him. Poirot tells him that this one isn’t for him either, and he has to remember that the young woman could be involved in the crime.

I am intrigued to know what kind of relationship there was between Mr Renauld and Mme Daubreuil. I have the hunch that the woman was blackmailing him for some reason, and that is why she was receiving those sums of money. And I seem to remember that Marthe’s anxiety is not on account of her mother but Jack Renauld, who I think she is in a relationship with.


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