The Murder on the Links 2


The investigation continues.

A French detective Giraud turns up at the scene, impressing Hastings whereas the man thinks that Poirot is not doing a good job. Yet, we all know Poirot will surprise everyone.

So far we know that Renauld was stabbed to death, and the murder weapon was his wife’s paperknife. Among his papers the police find a love letter from someone called Bella, which clearly shows the man was having an affair, and Bella ends the letter threatening to kill him if he stops loving her. Nobody knows who Bella is. The police also find Renauld’s will puzzling; the man has left £1,000 to his secretary and the rest to his wife, which means that his son only got his share after his mother’s death. What is also strange is that Renauld sent a telegraph to his son the day before, asking him to travel to South America.

Apart from what the police find, Poirot’s attention gets drawn to some minor findings, which might even be more important. For example, in his study under a rug Poirot finds a piece of torn paper which clearly belongs to a cheque, and the name scribbled in that piece of paper is Duveer. Yet, when Mrs Renauld is asked about Duveer, she claims she has never heard the name before.

On the spot where the body was found, Poirot finds a piece of lead pipe, and he states that this could be quite important, something that Hastings doesn’t believe. Poirot also believes that the fact that the watch found in the man’s study that was two hours fast is also an important piece of the puzzle. And the last thing is the footprints on the flowerbed, which Poirot examines as he thinks they also constitute a clue for the case.

I still don’t remember the particulars of this case, but I think the wife is somehow involved.


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