A Case of Murder in Mayfair 2 – The End



I finished the book already. It was an easy read, and I was dying to know who the culprit was. Everyone had a motive. From the first I was suspicious of Dorothy’s sister, Cora. I thought that she was the one who had to suffer her sister’s insults the longest. I thought it was more likely that the killer was someone closer to home than someone who had just known Dorothy for a short time. I was right, but the actual killer wasn’t the sister even though she was involved. It was Perk, who was actually her husband even though they had only been married in name. Money was the main motive here as he was losing money as the films Dorothy was lately in were all flops, and his partner was adamant to have Dorothy in the movies. So he and Cora, who were in a relationship and hoped to get married, were in cahoots. Cora lured Dorothy into stepping out onto the balcony, and Perk surprised her by jumping on her from the roof and pushing her. Freddy discovered the killer and how the crime was committed. Poor Freddy was almost killed when he confronted the murderer, but thankfully, the police reached in the nick of time. He also guessed that Cora was involved in the crime, acting as an accessory, but he knows that it will be impossible to prove her involvement, and even though he tells the police about it,  they don’t hope they can pin the crime on her.

As for the other characters, Gussie ends up with Seymour happily after he has a run-in with Freddy. Gussie flirts with Freddy and kisses him, and the man attacks him in a rage. Seymour gets arrested, but Gussie finally apologises to both men for her behaviour. Gussie admits to being in love with Seymour. In the end, the couple goes to America; Seymour is finally offered the job that Dorothy had lost him, and Gussie is going to try her luck in America.

The Neales also go to America to prove their luck. Freddy feels sorry for the little girl who is missing out so much in her childhood. Ada longs for a sister as she doesn’t have friends her age, and from what we see, she won’t have much of a chance to make friends in America. Poor little girl.

The Kibbles are arrested when Freddy and his rival in the Clarion Corky Beckwith discover that they have been dealing drugs. This is what Corky has been trying to find out and why he was in Dorothy’s suite to begin with. At first, Basil Kibbel is thought to have killed Dorothy on account of the drugs she was thought to have got from him. Then Freddy discovers that the drug found in her room belonged to Corky, who was a clear example of double standards, denouncing those from the show business using drugs while he was doing it as well. I find Corky as unbearable as Freddy does. Freddy is also a bit flamboyant in his ways but he is more likeable.

A great novel. I can’t wait for the next instalment!!!


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