Past Encounters 2


In the parts in 1940 we see how Rhoda and Peter first meet.

Rhoda’s father belongs to the local brass band and Peter is a new teacher in the school and he is also there. Rhoda regularly goes to the band’s rehearsals to help serving tea and refreshments. Peter asks her out, and it is there that their romance starts. Soon the war breaks out, and when the young men in the town enlist and there are the first casualties, Peter feels pressurised to join the war effort. So despite Rhoda’s feelings, he finally goes.

When Peter leaves, Rhoda stays and helps to give tea to the soldiers on their way to the front. It is now 1941, and  Rhoda is unhappy as she misses Peter, especially as she hasn’t got a letter from Peter for months. Her friend Patty is married but her husband stays out of the war as he declared himself a conscientious objector, and now they are going to have a baby. Rhoda feels jealous, and she wishes she were Patsy, and she and Peter were in the same situation as Patsy and her husband.

In the present time Rhoda goes to visit Helen again. She is curious about what Peter has hidden from her for years, she longs to know. She knows that her marriage is on the rocks, two people living together with nothing much to tell each other but the ordinary things of life. It is a sad scenery, but now Rhoda is determined to fight for her marriage, and she thinks the key is in Helen and learn through her what her husband is really like.


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