Before the Storm 2


Next we get to know Mrs Garland’s second daughter, Clementine.

The girl is fifteen and quite different to her elder sister. Clementine doesn’t understand her mother’s rules that she is supposed to follow if she wants to catch the eye of an eligible bachelor. Clementine likes reading and is quite determined. Her mother thinks that if a woman wants to get a good man, she mustn’t express opinions or contradict the man in question. Clementine doesn’t understand why a man would want to have a brainless woman who can’t have her own opinions and be treated as an equal. My first impression of clementine is very positive, and I think I’m going to like her.

The day after the dance that Arabella and Eliza attend, Clementine goes for a walk alone and she meets a girl. It is Venetia Wrothan, who was also at the dance. Venetia is quite brash and improper in her ways. She has lived most of her life in India, and she has no problem in smoking in public and speak her mind. The two girls hit it off, and as they go for a walk, they see some people who might be important in the book like la Duchesse de Polignac, who is Marie Antoniette’s closest friend and The Comte Jules de Choiser-Amboise, who Clementine thinks is extremely attractive.

Apart from these girls, we see that two women are on her way to the Garlands’ house. It is Sidonie Roche, accompanying Minette Lebrun, who I think Mrs Garland wants to hire as a governess to Clementine. I am afraid Clementine is not going to like this, but maybe Minette and Clementine might become friends. Who knows?


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