The Old House on the Corner 6


Judy’s story is quite bittersweet.

Judy was the youngest of four children, and her childhood was quite happy. Her parents were very keen on films and Hollywood stars. Actually, her mother starting having the contractions when she was watching The Wizard of Oz at the cinema. Their four children were called after Hollywood actors, and Judy was named after Judy Garland.

Judy met her husband in the Cavern. She thought he looked like Alan Ladd, who she had fell in love with when she was sent an autographed photograph she had requested from the studio. Judy and Harry were happy together for years, and they had two sons, Joe and Sam. I was wrong in my first entry about Judy. Sam isn’t Judy’s husband, but her second son. Harry was a very proud father, but when the children grew up, problems started. Harry was very critical with the girls Joe brought home. Then when he wanted to marry Donna, a divorced woman with a small child, Harry was displeased, and when they married, Harry didn’t hide his unhappiness.

Then Sam revealed something to his mother the day his brother got married. Sam confessed he was gay, and he wanted his mother to tell his father. When Judy told Harry, he kicked Sam out of the house. First, Sam wen to live with his grandparents, and then, he moved to London. From that moment, Judy realized that her husband was very different to the man he had married, and the fights ensued. Judy wouldn’t renounce to her son, who she saw frequently, but he was not allowed to go to his house. All the family supported Sam except Harry. Sam fell in love with Josh, and Judy realized how happy this man was making his wife. She admitted not understanding her son’s sexual orientation, but Sam admitted he didn’t understand either.

Then Josh became sick with lung cancer. It is around this time that Harry decided he wanted to move and forget the bad moments. Judy came to a decision that she thought she would never make. She told Harry that they should separate, and with the proceeds of selling their house, Harry could buy his own place, and she bought the cottage in Victoria Square. Harry didn’t put up a fight, and before moving to her new home, Judy stayed with Sam until Josh passed away. I think Judy has grown and learnt greatly from her youngest son, and when she witnessed the way Sam and Josh were loved by many friends, I think she came to understand how wrong her husband had been.

Now we’ll see how she will interact with the other neighbours. My kindle says there are only around 80 pages left, and I feel that it is not enough for everything that still needs to happen. What will happen between Victoria and Gareth? Will she leave for New York? And will he leave his wife? And what about Kathleen and Steve? Will their relationship survive or will they finally parted ways? And Sarah? Will she be okay with her children? And will Ernie and Anna be fine? I’m afraid that Ernie might have been showing signs of dementia. If that is the case, how will Anna cope when she doesn’t have children and can’t even look after herself? And what about Rachel? Will she finally stand up to her husband and tell him what he needs to hear? I think she is the one I feel so sorry for.


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