The Old House on the Corner 4


The next story is about Rachel Williams.

It is quite a sad story. Since she was born, Rachel hadn’t had it easy. She was born to elderly parents who had neither the energy nor the interest to bring her up properly. Her two brothers were grown up and were already living their own lives. Only Christopher took an interest in her. From the first Rachel was shy, and at school she was taunted and teased for her elderly parents and her clumsy social skills. Only when she was in secondary school she found her feet as her teachers praised her intelligence and she was able to make two friends, Grace and Eileen. The three girls decided to go to university together, but Rachel’s dream was to marry and have children, the family she had never felt she had. Her dream to go to university came to nothing when her father died the day before she was supposed to depart, and then days afterwards her mother had a stroke.

Rachel looked after her mother for years but thanks to Christopher’s contribution, she could also have the help of a nurse, which made it possible for her to have a job. When her mother died, her eldest brother forced her to sell the house and she moved to a bedsit. Her mother’s death was a relief and from then on Rachel started living and having a social life. At a dinner party she met Frank and they started dating. Frank also had a sad lifestory to tell. Her parents had him and his sibling in care and he hadn’t seen either of his parents for years. Frank and Rachel married, but from the first it was clear that Frank was a bit of a bully, not wanting his wife to outdo him in any way. He resented her for the money she had to pay for the house they bought, and he didn’t want her to read books or watch shows he didn’t understand. His wife couldn’t be more intelligent than he was.

When Rachel had her children, they had a good life. Despite his peculiarities, Frank was a good husband and father. When James and Kirsty were not children any longer, Rachel longed for a baby, and she got pregnant again. She had a baby girl who they called Alice. Alice was a wonderful child who had her parents and sibling round her little finger. Everybody loved Alice. Then when Alice started school, one day Rachel was feeling so sick that she couldn’t even move; her body resisted and she fell into deep sleep. She was woken up by Kirsty, and when Rachel realized it was dark outside and Alice wasn’t at home, she panicked. She had thought Frank was coming back early from work, but that was not the case. Her worst fears became a reality when the police found Alice’s body floating on the canal.

This was a turning point in her life. Frank blamed her for Alice’s death, and didn’t care to hide his resentment even though he had also some blame in it as he didn’t come home when he said he would. From that moment Frank became horrible to Rachel, started having lovers, which he didn’t care to hide from Rachel, and Rachel just let him as she thought it was something he needed to do to vent his pain. I think Frank is too horrible and unfair to poor Rachel. Some time later Rachel came up with the idea to move somewhere where nobody knew about Alice, and her family thought it was a good idea. The move even brought the worst in Frank who told her that since the house had four rooms, he wouldn’t have to sleep next to his ugly wife. I think Frank deserves someone to tell him a few things because that is not the way to treat anybody, let alone the woman he swore to love for the better or worse.

Thankfully, now Rachel has a friend in Kathleen, who is the first one she trusts with her story. I hope this friendship made her see that she cannot put up with her husband the way he is any longer. Kathleen has her share of complications with Steve, who reacts angrily when Kathleen returns from having lunch with Rachel later than he had told him. Steve resents her for comforting Rachel while he can’t do the same with Jean, who he had known for many years and is the mother of his daughters. I understand Steve, but he doesn’t have to be so horrible to Kathleen or call Rachel a stray dog when he doesn’t know the first thing about the woman. Kathleen tries to reason with him, and I guess she is right; going to see Jean won’t make things easier. I really don’t know what to think. What I fear is that this couple has problems, and if they don’t reach an understanding, they will end up going their separate ways. Kathleen is right to say that while Jean is still part of Steve’s life, there won’t be place for another woman. I wonder if Steve is really in love with Kathleen or he is simply in lust with her because she is completely opposite to what Jean is like.

And Alex has found Sarah and turns up at the house, intending to take the children with him. Thankfully, Ernie and other neighbours come forward to defend Sarah. Even Anna calls the police and they arrest Alex after the neighbours testify that they saw Alex hitting Sarah and threatening her. Sarah is thankful and relieved, but she is sure that Alex will return. He won’t remain in police custody for long, and she is scared because Alex has money and the power to do what he wants. In the confrontation he said that Sarah’s father had been happy to sell him off to him as Alex had cancelled all his debts and saved him from bankruptcy. Alex even admitted that Midge was never out of the picture, and the reason why they divorced is because they didn’t have children, but now she is ready to accept Sarah’s children as her own. I really hope these two people fail in their plans to take away the children from Sarah. It would be most unfair. On a different note, I have to say that I love little Tiffany; she is such a charming little lady and has no problem in speaking her mind. The adult-sounding expressions she uses when she talks make her appear so cute!!!


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