The Old House on the Corner 3


We get to know more about these characters.

The next full story we get is about Sarah. I didn’t think of her as I first saw her. She appeared to me immature, irresponsible, and flirty. Yet, as we learn about her story, I grew to like her. Sarah grew up in a family that gave her everything she wanted. Her father was handsome and good to her and her sister Julia, and he was into finances. Julia ended up marrying a young man who she fell in love with, but Sarah didn’t think much of him as he had no money and Julia had to make do without the luxuries she was used to. Sarah intended to marry a rich man. Then her father was in financial difficulties because of a project he had with a partner and friend Alex Rees-James. Alex started to date Sarah, and even though Sarah didn’t love him, she thought he was the next thing similar to her father, and she loved her father above everybody else. Soon Alex proposed and she agreed; her father was happy for her, but her mother was outraged, and from then on things between her parents were strained.

Sarah then starts life as a married wife. In three years she has three children. At first Alex is happy and loving, but then his mood changes when the honeymoon phase is over, and he realizes that Sarah is not very intellectual. He even starts hitting her, and things come to a head when Alex’s first wife Midge starts coming and she meddles with Sarah’s children. We know that Midge couldn’t have children, so we understand that the woman intends to have Sarah’s children as her own. Sarah protests, and Alex grows angrier and angrier, beating her up. Once Sarah decides to divorce him and even goes to a lawyer, but when she realizes that Alex might take the children away from her, she doesn’t pursue.

Things take a turn when Sarah falls in love with her son Jack’s riding instructor Jason. They start an affair, but then the day Alex goes away on a business trip, he leaves her a video tape. When she plays the tape, she sees images of her and Jason making love in the stables, and then the image of Alex appears telling her that she knows about her and Jason, and she now will leave the house and the children with the nanny. Sarah decides she needs to do something, so with the help of the nanny she leaves, and it is why she buys the house in Victoria Square. Sarah doesn’t know if Jason really loved her or if he was plotting with Alex and Midge to get rid of her. Now Sarah is scared because soon Alex will return from his trip and she doesn’t doubt he will find her. Alex is a powerful man, and it is natural for her to be scared, but I hope that very nasty man can’t have his way.

Apart from Sarah, we see the other neighbours in action. I feel so sorry for Rachel King. I think she is a nice woman, but somehow she feels lonely, and despite her efforts to befriend her neighbours, she realizes that nobody has taken much notice of her. From her window she sees the others hanging out together, while she is at home alone as her husband and son are out most of the day and her daughter is also out with friends. Rachel is depressed and I think something terribly sad happened to her. I think maybe there was another child that died, because when he talked to Anna Burrows, she first said she had three children, and then rectified. Her family is not very supportive. Her husband is just horrible, calling her names and humiliating her before her children. Why does she have to put up with this man who snubs and insults her? At least, she has been talking to Kathleen, and maybe the two women can become friends. She really needs good friends who tell her that it is high time she stood up to her husband and tell him a few home truths.

As for the Morans, their marriage seem to be on shaky legs. Gareth is unhappy about how his wife spends more and more with money they don’t have. He is also unhappy how his wife’s family comes over every Sunday and makes him feel unwanted. They are an unruly bunch, and that means that his expenses are also higher. They don’t even help clean the house when they leave, and Debbie is not much helpful either. With these mixed feelings about his wife, Gareth has started spending time with Victoria, and he is clearly attracted to her. Victoria also feels something for him, and she goes as far as think that if Gareth weren’t married, she would definitely stay in England and refuse the job in New York. I wonder what will happen here. Will Gareth and Victoria confess their feelings? Will Gareth leave Debbie? We don’t know much about Debbie since these parts are all seen from Gareth’s perspective, but I have the impression that Debbie takes her husband for granted, and he doesn’t treat him right. Victoria is a nice girl, but this complication of the marriage makes me doubtful about who to root for.

Another relationship that is being rocked is Kathleen and Steve’s. They are still as much in love as when they moved to Liverpool. Yet, Kathleen is afraid Steve might want to get back to his wife. His daughter keeps phoning him telling her that her mother is crying all the time and saying that if something happens to Jean it will be on his conscience. Kathleen goes as far as unplug the telephone, and she even considers changing the number and go ex-directory. Yet, she knows that if he wants to, Steve will call his family from another telephone. I can understand Kathleen’s insecurities but I think she needs to see that Steve can’t cut off all ties with his family however harsh his wife and daughters treated him. They’re his daughters and he can’t just turn his back to them. I wonder what will happen in the end. I have to say that Kathleen and Steve are quite different and come from completely different backgrounds. Will their love be enough to overcome their differences? Kathleen is a freer spirit, and her relationship with her ex-husband is less complicated. They reached an agreement since theirs hadn’t been a real marriage forever, but despite her protests about Steve calling his family, he finally calls Michael, and he confesses he misses her. Will these two return to their families or will their love succeed?

Anna and Ernie Burrows are a lovely couple. It is sad that Anna is sick, but she has strength and zeal for life. What worries Ernie now is that he seems to keep forgetting thins, and he wonders if he might be showing signs of dementia, and if that were to happen, what would happen to Anna?

As for the Jordans, I am still unsure what their story. I thought that Marie was married to Liam, and the two boys were their sons. But now we know that is not so. We learn that they sleep in separate books. Then that night Liam tells Marie he loves her and she reciprocates his feelings, but Marie stops him before they get too far. It is at that moment that we learn that Liam is a priest. I have no idea what their story is. It is clear that they are fleeing from something. Were they involved in the terrorist acts in Northern Ireland? And how come Liam and Marie are together now? What is the story? I am really intrigued.



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