The Old House on the Corner 2


The couple we get to know next is Kathleen and Steve.

From the first moment we know that they are smitten with each other, and we are led to think that they are newly married. We learn soon that we are wrong. Both Kathleen and Steve have spouses that they have abandoned to have their own romance. Steve has left his wife of thirty years and their four grown-up daughters. Kathleen is not very understanding when one of his daughters call her and he gets worried about Jean, his ex-wife.

Then the story takes us when Kathleen and Steve first meet. He is a magistrate and Steve was being judged for throwing stones at the police station and attacking a constable. Steve pleads guilty, and he is condemned to pay a fine. We learn that Steve was made redundant when the mine he had worked all his life closed down. Now he works as a porter in a hospital, but that is not going to last much longer since the hospital is to close soon. Steve is not happy at home because Jean, his wife, is always nagging and complaining, and his four daughters are always giving him a hard time.

On the way home it is snowing and he sees a car that has been stuck in a ditch, so he offers to help. The woman manoeuvres the car the wrong way, so Steve ends up wet and dirty. The woman is Kathleen, and she offers to drive him to her house where he can get changed into dry clothes and get warm. Steve only recognizes Kathleen when they arrive at the house, and she is kind enough to run a bath for him,  give him some of her husband’s clothes, and feed him. There is a moment in which we realize that there is attraction there. Steve is not very friendly as he is already angry for what happened in court, but he is clearly attracted to her. When he returns to his nagging wife at home, he can’t stop thinking of Kathleen and desires her. We know that they eventually elope together, so I am intrigued to know how their story pans out.


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