Friday on my Mind 4 – The End



I have to say that I didn’t see this coming. Frieda is magnificent in this novel as she escapes the clutches of the police. She has the help of her friends who put their lives in jeopardy for her. This book must have proved to Frieda what good and loyal friends she has. Sasha, Josef, Chloe, Olivia, and even Karlsson put their freedom and careers on the line for Frieda. The only one who wavered a bit was Sasha. As we know through Frieda, she is weak and vulnerable, and when the police questioned, she couldn’t resist and gave up.

I have always thought that Frieda is too cold for my taste, but that doesn’t mean that I dislike her. She is quite unique and she is also loyal, helpful, tremendously honest, and I think all these qualities make her friends like her so much. She is also brave, and I think she took a big risk by turning up at the little memorial that Sandy’s friends had for him. She was even braver when she decided to agree to work for Bridget and Al, a couple friend of Sandy; they needed a nanny, and that is what she had said she was. In their house she finds a set of keys for both Sandy’s and her own house. When Bridget realizes who she is, she explains that Sandy used to confide in him, and he was thinking of suicide when he gave her the set of keys. Bridget also tells her about some of the women who had flings with Sandy, but Frieda’s investigation in this direction is fruitless.

When she has to leave the second temporary home, she takes refuge with Chloe and Olivia. She now knows that Sandy was scared but not for him, but for her. It is what Bridget has told him, and Karlsson also wrote a letter to her, saying the same when Sandy’s sister came to see him and tell him to warn Frieda. Apparently, that is what Sandy had wanted to talk to her so desperately in the last weeks, but Frieda wouldn’t listen to him. Frieda decides to go the warehouse, Reuben’s clinic, to check her office and the things Sandy threw at her the last day she saw him. Yet, there are only bits and pieces that belonged to her, but nothing of importance.

Karlsson finds her the day of Sandy’s funeral in a park where he used to go with Sandy. They talk but Karlsson makes no attempt to arrest her. He has come as a friend, but he asks her to give herself up, but she wants a few more days. It is later when she goes through the things Sandy had that she finds something. Hidden in the apron that Sandy once gave her as a present, she finds small animal toys, which she knows belongs to Ethan, and she goes to talk to Sasha. What Frieda discovers is that Sasha had an affair with Sandy, and the woman is apologetic and sorry, and she tells her that it was short-lived and way after Frieda and Sandy broke up.

And then comes the end. I think Frieda discovers the truth first, but it is Karlsson we see putting the pieces together. It is Frank, Sasha’s ex-boyfriend, who killed Sandy out of jealousy and spite. We don’t hear Frank’s version, but we imagine that he must have learnt about Sasha and Sandy, and by killing Sandy, putting the plastic bracelet with Frieda’s name on around his wrist and then planting his wallet in Frieda’s house, he was getting his personal revenge on the two of them. Frank is bitter towards Frieda because he feels she had meddled in his relationship with Sasha. I guess that in the end he is frustrated as he couldn’t get his way as Frieda os still free despite his tip-offs to the police. So in the end he follows her out of Sasha’s place to Karlsson’s flat, where Frieda decides to talk to Karlsson about her discoveries. Frank tries to kill her, but Frieda hits first when she takes hold of the jackknife that one of Josef’s friends had given her, and she stabs Franks. Using her medical knowledge, she manages to stop the blood and prevent Frank’s death when the police arrive.

There are two important events at the end of the book. Frieda is met but someone called Walter Levin, a man who was in the interrogation room in the police station when Frieda was first questioned. This man offers her some kind of dealing, her name and Karlsson’s being cleared, and Frieda will owe him a favour. We don’t know who this man is, and whether he is good or not. He was in the police station that time, claiming that he had friends in high places, but Frieda doesn’t know who he really is, and Karlsson can’t find any information about him either when he tries. I wonder who he is, but I am sure we’ll see him in the next book.

Another important thing is that Dean Reeve appears once again. He has been close, really close. He has been working alongside Josef, acting as his friend and Josef had trusted him enough to tell him about Frieda. Now we know that Dean has the keys to Frieda’s house, which is even scarier because it means that Frieda has been left in a more vulnerable position. I imagine that Dean won’t be caught until the very end of the series, which I guess is the one about Sunday. So the next book which is Saturday Requiem, Reeve will still be at large and terrorizing poor Frieda.

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