Friday on my Mind 3


Frieda keeps surprising me.

It isn’t the first time that I don’t understand her actions. On some occasions the outcome explains her behaviour, but I still don’t understand some things like the reason why she left Sandy. Now instead of going to the police station as she should, she ups and goes. So now she has the police after her. I don’t understand how she plans to get out of this situation. She is now without a job, friends, or a proper life. The money sooner or later will run out, and then what will she do?

The interesting thing that Frieda discovers is that she was wrong about Dean Reeve being Sandy’s murderer. She has the hunch that Sandy’s murder is connected with her patient Miles Thornton’s disappearance. Frieda wanted him committed since his paranoia was getting worse and worse, and she felt she couldn’t help her as she should, but then the man took it the bad way, insulting and attacking her. Then the man went missing, and Frieda reported his disappearance. When Frieda decides to find out if someone knows something, she decides to talk to his flatmates, and to his surprise, one of them tells her that Miles turned up a few days ago and is in hospital. Risking to be discovered, Frieda goes to the hospital and she is allowed to see Miles. The man doesn’t make much sense, but from his ramblings she understands that he was kidnapped by Dean Reeve and he kept telling him to tell Frieda when he saw her. So this means it was a message for her.

When Frieda writes the dates of Sandy’s murder and Miles’s disappearance, she realizes that Dean cannot be Sandy’s killer as the man couldn’t have been in two places at the same time. So she realizes that someone else killed Sandy. It is then that she comes to the decision to find Sandy’s killer, which I think is no small endeavour. The first person she talks to is the woman who reported Sandy’s disappearance, Dr Veronica Ellison. Frieda calls herself Carla, an old friend of Sandy’s, and Veronica tells her that Sandy and she had a fling, but nothing else happened because he was still stuck in his previous relationship. Veronica also states that she felt that Sandy was nervous and scared of something, but she doesn’t know what could make him feel this way.

Before talking to Veronica, Frieda finally contacted one of her friends, Sasha. Frieda thinks that from all her friends Sasha is the most vulnerable. She is now alone with a toddler; her boyfriend left her when she was hit with terrible postnatal depression, and he has been quite harsh with her. Now Sasha has to deal with her little boy all alone, and the nanny she had hired has left her in the lurch when she quit just recently. Frieda comes to her and tells her that she will help her with Nathan. I think Frieda is putting Sasha in a risky position, but Sasha is ready to take the risk for her friend as she feels Frieda has done for her more than anybody else in her life.

The next thing Frieda plans to do is to attend the small memorial for Sandy that Veronica has invited her to. I think Frieda is taking a big risk; Veronica has told her than only a few of his friends will be there, but how can Frieda be sure that nobody will recognise her? She and Sandy ended their relationship eighteen months ago, so she never came into contact with the people in his new job. However, that doesn’t mean that Sandy couldn’t have shown one of his colleagues a photo of hers. It is clear that Sandy was obsessed with her, and he might have trusted one of his colleagues and talked about Frieda. Now Frieda is a fugitive and her story has appeared in all newspapers as well as her photograph. Since the people attending the memorial are people who knew Sandy, they must have read the newspapers about anything to do with Sandy’s murder and they must have seen Frieda’s picture. So although she has tried to disguise her appearance by buying flashy clothes, having her hair cut very short, and wearing glasses, I am not sure how all that will deceive people.

The novel has taken a very interesting twist. I also thought that Dean Reeve had killed Sandy. Now we know it is someone else, so who? Someone from work? Or maybe a woman who didn’t appreciate being dumped after only one night? Frieda has little to go by, especially as she doesn’t know much about his life in the last eighteen months. What has happened to Sandy? Why did he change? Veronica doesn’t seem to recognise Frieda’s description of Sandy, so what happened to him? I have the impression that it was something more than the end of his relationship with Frieda? And what about Veronica’s allegations that Sandy looked scared? Scared of what or who?

I have no doubts about Frieda sorting this crime, but even if that happens, how is she going to clear her name? Even if she proves she is no killer, she has gone against the law, and I think that is punishable. I hope that she will be able to restore her reputation and get back her life without much harass.


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