Friday on my Mind 2


Things get complicated for Frieda.

The police question her again and also search her house. They find Sandy’s wallet in a drawer, so that doesn’t look good for Frieda. Sarah Hussein, who has already been poisoned by all the half-truths Crawford and Bradshaw have told her, is already prejudiced. Frieda knows that someone planted the wallet there, and she is positive that it was Dean Reeve. Naturally, the police don’t believe her, and her lawyer tells her that she is going to be charged. The lawyer gives her a few options she could do: she can plead manslaughter or she can lie. What worries Frieda is that nobody is worried about the truth; actually, none of her friends have asked her directly if she killed Sandy. So she is learning that the truth matters little in justice. As a matter of fact, her lawyer tells her not to mention Dean Reeve because that would be detrimental and the judge and prosecutor could bring up all the other accusations that she has been subjected to before. It is sad that Frieda is accused of something she hasn’t done, but like usual, she takes everything in her stride, and she gets ready to say goodbye to everybody, cancelling her patients and phoning her friends. She fears she will spend a long time away. I hope this doesn’t happen, and Dean Reeve could finally be brought to justice.  The law has a debt with both Sandy and Frieda, and it would be terrible if this horrible man get his way.


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