While You were Sleeping 8 – The End


I knew that whoever killed Lee was going to be a surprise because I really had no idea who the murderer was until the very end.

It was quite a shock. So in the end Tara wasn’t really drugged, but just totally drunk, and she did have sex with Lee. That is what caused Lee’s death.

The book has many twists. Rosie’s name is cleared when Lisa goes missing from Tara’s house, and she and the detective Hunter find her battered in her flat. In the hospital Lisa says she went to her apartment to retrieve her grandmother’s ring fearing Harvey got it. I found her excuse a bit feeble, especially as she sneaked out of Tara’s house at 2 a.m. Who in their sane mind would decide to find something in the middle of the night when she could have done it the following day? Then she says that Harvey confessed to Lee’s murder and she tells Tara that she was the woman who was having an affair with Lee. She broke it off a while ago, but Harvey had found out, and that was why he killed him.

The police can’t find Harvey, and Lisa settles in her sister’s. Noah also decides to get back home, and I have to say that her decision strikes me as odd since she doesn’t even talk it through with Tara. Then when Noah takes the children and Lisa out, Tara is surprised by her stalker, Mikey, who insists that Harvey can’t be the killer because he saw Rosie leaving the house that night. Tara won’t hear him, and when he finally manages to get rid of him, the man sees a hairclip on a chair on his way ou and claims that he knows it belongs to Rosie since she was wearing it that night. And that is how Tara learns the truth.

The killer is not Rosie, but Lisa, who Mike mistook for the girl. We learn later that it was Lee that broke up with Lisa, but she couldn’t let go. So when she went to pay him a visit and saw him with her sister, she snapped. She says that Tara was so drunk that she didn’t even register that she was in the house, so what Lisa did was forcing her to drink more until she was unconscious. Then when Lee tried to talk to her, she lost it and stabbed him. Then what she did was to put Lisa in his bed and got rid of all the evidence that could have her DNA. What Tara can’t forgive her sister is that she tried to incriminate Rosie, planting Lee’s ring in her room and calling the police anonymously.

The last chapter is a conversation between Tara and the detective. He tells her that they have found Harvey’s body, and he thinks that her sister killed her boyfriend as well, and the injuries she had claimed Harvey had caused her must have been self-inflicted or maybe she hired someone. Lisa is shocked, and I can’t blame her. Lisa is really unhinged, and it must be strange to find out that the person you trusted most is not the person you thought she was. The story between Tara and the detective is over since Tara is working on her marriage with Noah, and she admits that there was never anything important between her and Hunter.

I really loved the book. It was one of these mysteries that keeps you hooked until the end.

2 thoughts on “While You were Sleeping 8 – The End

  1. thank you thank you thank you, for telling us whodunnit. I had read a few chapters and never got to buy the book and was obsessing as to who the culprit was.

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