While You were Sleeping 7


As the story progresses, I get more confused.

What makes it more complicated is that every time that Rosie speaks, she tells a different version of the facts. After DI  Hunter starts questioning Mikey about the allegations of harassment, the man goes to Tara, claiming that she was checking on her the night of the murder and saw Rosie coming out of Lee’s house covered in blood. The man threatens to go to the police with that information, so Tara talks to Rosie.

Once again she gives her mother a new story. She now tells her something I already suspected, the man she was dating, Damien, doesn’t exist. She says that after seeing her mother with Lee, she fled and then kept walking around Oxford Street, something that Tara thinks is quite unbelievable. Tara is firm and tells Rosie they should go to the police, but instead Tara drives her to Noah, who has arranged for her to be in Manchester with a friend while Tara intends to clear Rosie’s name as she believes she didn’t kill Lee.  This is quite risky, and I wonder how this will pan out.

What I find strange is that nobody mentions the fact that Tara doesn’t remember anything. That must mean something. If she has no recollection of that night, something must have happened. Tara believes she was drugged, but how is that possible? Why hasn’t the police look into this?

Apart from this, Detective Hunter has openly told Tara that he likes her, and it is not such a surprise. It was quite obvious, and Tara is not indifferent to him either. I have nothing against the man, but I find this approach a bit strange. Couldn’t he wait for the case to be resolved before he made a pass at Tara? Right now I suspect everybody in the novel even the good detective, even if there is no reason to suspect. Yet, his sudden interest in Tara and his claim that he is going to leave the force make me wonder if he has some ulterior motives.

Noah is not off the hook either. First, there are his lies about that weekend. He claims to have seen Amelie on Friday night, but Amelie insists that she didn’t see him. He also admits to having spied on Tara and the children so she knows that Detective Hunter has visited Tara three times, and he naturally realizes the man wants something from his wife. Noah states that he is just worried about his children, but that spying is not normal. Does Noah have something else to hide? Apart from this, there is the matter with Amelie. The woman talked to Tara, explaining that she has moved to London, is living close to Noah’s hotel, and she and Noah spent the night together. However, when Tara tells Noah about Amelie, he doesn’t even know that Amelie is still in London. That means Amelie is also lying, so why? Is she simply trying to widen the rift between Noah and his wife, or is there another reason?

It is a fascinating story. I love thrillers and mystery books, and at this point in the story I usually have a theory, but I am totally clueless here. I don’t think that Rosie is the murderer, but I don’t know if she has told the whole truth. Tara is positive she didn’t kill Lee, but I think she is the key in this mystery. What she needs to find out is why she doesn’t remember anything from that night. If she was drugged, who did it? As far as we know, there was only Lee in the house when they were driving. So what happened that night? I am totally clueless.


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