New Book – Friday on my Mind by Nicci French


Publishing year: 2015

Like the other previous books about Frieda Klein, this one has grasped my attention from the first.

The only difference is that we know the victim of the crime. It is Sandy’s body who is found in the Thames, and Frieda has to identify when a hospital plastic bracelet with Frieda’s name on it is found around his wrist. Poor Sandy. I really like him, and I felt so sorry when Frieda broke up with him in the last chapter of the previous book. I didn’t understand why she decided she didn’t want to be with him any longer, and in all honesty, I was a bit miffed with Frieda. Now I wonder if what Frieda wanted was to protect Sandy because she knew that if he hung out with her, he would end up dead. This is what has happened, and Frieda is convinced that for some reason Dean Reeves, the man who haunts her is responsible for his death. So if the reason why Frieda left Sandy was to protect him, in the end it didn’t work.

The detective in charge of the case is Sarah Hussein. When Frieda’s name comes up, the commissioner, Crawford, calls her, and she starts poisoning her against Frieda, and then he sends her to talk to Dr Hal Bradshaw, who is also as hostile to her as Crawford. These two men are so nasty and unfair, and I was boiling with anger, hearing them talk nothing but rubbish about Frieda. They accuse her of murder, arson, and being a fantasist. Crawford even gives Hussein a file with all those lies about Frieda. Naturally, when Sarah Hussein goes to talk to Frieda, she is short and contrary.

This case saddens me because I liked Sandy very much, and he didn’t deserve to die. I have to say that Frieda’s attitude is very cold when she learns about Sandy’s death. Frieda often perplexes me with her coldness, but as she admits to the detective, not everybody reacts to grief in the same way. This case starts very differently to the others in previous books. We already know the murderer, Dean Reeves. So does that mean he’ll finally be apprehended in this book? Will Detective Hussein realize that Frieda has been vilified by Crawford and Bradshaw? I hope Frieda’s name will be cleared of all these unfair accusations.


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