While You were Sleeping 6


To Tara’s surprise, Rosie returns home.

Mother and daughter have a heart-to-heart conversation. Rosie finally confesses the truth. Lee never came on to her, but it was the other way round. She was the one who flirted with him, and became obsessed like she did with the other boy, Anthony. She also admits to seeing Tara and Lee together in the living room drinking, and after that, she fled. Damien, her alleged boyfriend, was waiting for her, and they started talking and spent the night in his car. She mentions falling asleep. This means that Damien is real, or at least, now Rosie seems honest. After hearing her, I wonder whether Damien could be the teacher pestering Tara. I think neither Rosie nor Spencer knows about Mikey, so maybe for some reason the man decided to become closer to Tara through her daughter and gave her a fake name. I am not sure if this is true, but I have the hunch I am. So if this is what is happening, I am not sure what ulterior motive Mike has. Besides, maybe he was the one to kill Lee. Rosie admits to having falling asleep in his car, so he could have done anything in the meantime. Mikey could well have drugged her to make sure she didn’t wake up, and then incensed and jealous, he went to kill the man he thought had stolen the chance to be with Tara. What I still don’t know is what happened in those hours, and how Tara doesn’t remember anything.

Rosie also says she is scared. It is about Lee’s wedding ring. She swears she never took it or put it in her room, so that means someone put it there to frame her. It that is true, Tara wonders why someone would want to incriminate Rosie and not Tara, who is the more obvious choice. The killer knows that Tara was with Lee that night, so why not plant the ring in her room. Maybe it was Mikey who left the ring there. Actually, Mikey came to Tara’s house under the excuse of asking after her health when she didn’t show up at work. She prepared some tea or coffee, so while she was in the kitchen, Mikey could well have sneaked upstairs and leave the ring in Rosie’s room. If that is true, then Mikey is really sick and dangerous.

Apart from this, Amelie, Noah’s ex-lover, calls Tara and wants to talk to her. She admits to being in love with him, and she more or less asks Tara her permission to get Noah back. Tara doesn’t know how her marriage will be after all this mess, but she says to the other woman that whatever the state of her marriage, Noah doesn’t love Amelie. Then Amelie tells her that Noah was with her just a few days ago. Tara is left dumb and when Noah comes to pick up the children, he doesn’t even talk to her and stays in the car. He deliberately avoids looking at her, which makes me think that Amelie must have told him about seeing Tara. It is then that Tara realizes that her marriage is over. I think that even without the last events, their marriage was not a real marriage. She claims that she felt hurt when he let her down when she was arrested and needed him. But it was more than that. The lies he has told her about being in New York when he wasn’t. How can Tara trust him again? I couldn’t.

And DI Hunter calls on her again. He doesn’t have much to report, just that they have checked Serena’s alibi, and everything is as she says it was. So there is no way she could have killed Lee. Hunter admits that she could have told Tara on the phone, but she wanted to see her. I think the detective finds Tara appealing, and Tara doesn’t seem indifferent to his charms either. Now Tara is almost a free woman, but it wouldn’t do her good to get involved with the detective leading the investigation of a case in which she and her daughter are the main suspects.


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