While You were Sleeping 5


I find Tara too cowardly.

When Rosie is arrested as someone claims to have seen her come out of Lee’s house, I thought Tara would speak up. It is her dear daughter who has to face the accusations. Yet, she still keeps quiet. Then Rosie is the one who speaks up. She admits to having been outside Lee’s house and seen her mother there, and then the two of them disappear. It is then that Tara is arrested.

The next part of the book takes place three weeks later. Tara is free since there was no evidence to keep her arrested. Rosie has been released too, but she refuses to live with her mother, and has moved in with Libby and her family. I can understand Rosie is upset because I imagine she feels hurt as her mother let the police apprehend her when Tara had relevant information. However, the police still suspect her as they think there was something going on between her and Lee, but they have no proof. The only thing is the wedding band they found in her bedroom.

Noah has also moved out of the family home when he learnt the truth. But what is the truth? Tara isn’t even sure she slept with Lee. She claims she didn’t do anything, but how can she sure? This is really puzzling. If Tara was drugged, who did it? She doesn’t remember a thing.

Now the detective, DI Hunter, has come to see her twice because he is determined to find out the truth and also because he believes she’s telling the truth. Tara now is trying to find an explanation and grasping at straws. One of her theories has to do with Lee’s wife, Serena. The day the woman returns home, Tara plucks up the courage to talk to her. Serena is angry and upset, and she says something about being glad Lee is dead that Tara thinks is suspicious. So she tells the detective that maybe Serena’s alibi isn’t so watertight, and she could have sneaked out of the hotel and killed Lee. She even says that maybe the allegations that Lee was having an affair are a fabrication. Tara thinks that Serena could well have engraved the watch herself as a proof that Lee was cheating on her. But why? Why would Serena want to kill her husband? They were trying to have a baby, so what reason could Serena have to get rid of Lee? I think Tara’s theory doesn’t stand.

The second thing that she tells the detective isn’t really linked to the crime, but pushed by her sister, she decides to talk about Mikey and his light harassment. Lisa thinks that this constant pestering is out of proportion, and even though Tara thinks the man is harmless, it unnerves her when she finds her in the same shopping centre she happens to go one day. Or when he turns up at her house when she doesn’t show up at work the day she wants to talk to Amelie, Noah’s ex-lover. I wonder if Mikey is actually involved in Lee’s murder, but how can he? I don’t rule out that he could have been spying on Tara that day, and since he seems obsessed with her, he might have got jealous if he saw her with Lee. But how did he manage to kill Lee and drug Tara at the same time?

There are other characters, but there is no reason to suspect them. For example, I find the attitude of Layla, Tara’s nosy neighbour, too strange. I have neighbours who like to know everybody’s business, but Layla is just over the top. She takes the stand against Tara and her family from the first. I wonder why she is so hostile. Apart from her, there is Lisa, Tara’s sister, but even though we learn that after Rosie’s and Tara’s arrests she has been distant and has even kept things from her sister, I don’t think we can include her on the list of suspects.

Something I don’t understand very well is why everybody thinks Rosie might have killed Lee. We know that the girl is unstable and had problems in the past, and it is logical to think that she could be capable of doing something extreme. Yet, there is no proof other than the wedding  band found in the room, and that doesn’t even prove anything other than she might have been having a relationship with Lee. If with so little evidence against her, people tend to think she could be the killer, then why isn’t the same about Tara? Tara lied through her teeth for days even when her own daughter was arrested, and the police only has her word that she didn’t kill Lee because there was no blood on her. Nobody can know if her claims are true, because she didn’t call the police when she should have. Tara also claims she doesn’t remember a thing as she believes she was drugged. So how come that her word is not questioned so much as Rosie’s? Noah doesn’t question his wife’s involvement in the crime; the only thing he is angry about is her lies to him and also the fact that she might have slept with Lee. When confronted with Serena, the woman doesn’t accuse her of killing Lee either, but she seems to be angry about her lies. So why is everybody so focused on Rosie?


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