While You were Sleeping 4


Rosie is now in the limelight.

Tara doesn’t know if she is telling the truth about Lee. The police hears about Lee’s pass at her through Serena, who Tara had trusted with that piece of information, but the detective thinks that the woman Lee was having an affair with is Rosie. Yet, Rosie sticks to her story, insisting that she didn’t have a physical relationship with Lee and he simply tried it on with her.

The following day Tara tries to get her daughter to open up to her, but Rosie insists on the same. Rosie surprises Tara when she keeps asking Tara questions about her birth, if she was a wanted daughter, and if she had it difficult when she was a baby. Rosie keeps saying that she wants her to be honest. Her comments and questions make me think that maybe Rosie knows that her mother has been lying. Then when they return home, there are reporters before Lee’s house again, and then Rosie and Tara are confronted by Layla and Guy. Layla accuses Rosie of having an affair with Lee and calling both Rosie and Tara names. I have to say that Layla’s behaviour is over the top. What does she care what Rosie and Lee did or didn’t do? It’s none of her business, and if Rosie had an affair with him, it was Lee who was the adult here and should have known better.

Then the police come, wanting to question Rosie again. Rosie sticks to her story, so DI Hunter tells her she has to go with the police station as a witness has come forward, claiming that they saw Rosie leaving Lee’s house on Friday night. So who is the witness? And was it Rosie who they saw or Tara? Could Rosie have seen Lee with her mother? Is that why she previously asked Tara if she loved her dad? If Rosie saw her mother with Lee, what happened then? Did the girl murder him? But how? And what about Tara? Why doesn’t she remember anything? Was she drugged or has she blocked the memories out of shock?


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