While You were Sleeping 2


So we get to know more.

Lee is not a guy Tara picked up at a pub. He is her neighbour. He and his wife Serena are good friends to Tara, and she has been a confidante to Serena as the woman is having problems to get pregnant. The day Tara is left alone, she gets a message from Serena, telling her she needs to talk. So she crosses the street to her neighbours’ house, and when the door opens, Lee appears. He tells her that Serena is away at a hen weekend. Lee asks her to stay for a bit, and they start drinking, and that is the last thing Tara remembers before she wakes up to find Lee dead in bed next to her.

Tara is nervous, not knowing what to do. She is pretty sure she hasn’t killed Lee because she has no blood on her. However, she is aware that whoever killed Lee knows she was there in the bed and might be watching her. Yet, when she left the house, the door was locked and there were no signs of break-in. Tara is very nervous but she can’t bring herself to call the police because of the consequences that it will bring. She is very afraid. Rosie turns up before the weekend is over, and she tells her mother she is seeing an older man, Damien, and when Tara tries to talk to her, the girl reacts angrily and locks herself in her room.

This is very intriguing. What could possibly have happened in that house? How did Lee end up dead? Could Tara be totally sure she didn’t kill him? What is she going to do now? And when will the body of Lee be discovered? When his wife returns home?


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