New Book – While You were Sleeping by Kathryn Croft


Publishing year: 2016

The prologue of this novel finds a woman, Tara, in a bed and a bedroom she doesn’t recognise.

She realizes she is naked, and when she turns to the shape next to him, the man is not her husband Noah, but someone called Lee. She finds her clothes and starts getting dressed, and then she tries to call Lee, but he won’t move. It is then that the truth hits her. Lee is dead, and at first she thinks it must have been a heart attack, but as she sees the bleeding gap in his chest, she starts screaming.

The book then moves back in time. Twenty-four hours ago Tara is bidding her husband goodbye since he goes to New York on business. They talk about their seventeen-year-old daughter, who we understand has some kind of psychological problems. She is prone to tantrums and meltdowns, especially since she is obsessed with a boy he dated once. Tara and her husband are unsure how to treat the girl, and in the last days Rosie claims she is all right and won’t go to the doctor. This weekend she is staying with a friend while her brother, eleven-year-old Spencer, is going to stay with Tara’s parents. Tara plans to paint, which we surmise is her professional field, as there is a competition/contest for an art institution in London. So that is why she wants the house for herself.

The beginning is quite shocking and intriguing. I wonder who Lee is. I have the impression Tara met him in a pub or something. So if Tara wants peace and quite for this weekend, how come that she ends up in a pub, meeting a guy, and then sleeping with him? Maybe Lisa, her sister, convinces her to go out with her that night. We know that Lisa is a free spirit who is always travelling with her boyfriend and from something Tara says about the last time they went out together, we know that Lisa likes drinking and having fun. So maybe Lisa manages to convince her sister to have a break and go out. But where was Lisa when Tara was with this guy? And what happened in this guy’s flat? Who killed him? Was it Tara? I doubt that very much, but then why didn’t Tara hear anything when the man was sleeping next to her?


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