Shot Through the Heart 10


Two important things have happened.

One is that Robyn has called Grace to accuse her father of being a criminal. I am surprised by this, and I imagine that Robyn must have debated with herself whether to make the call. What must have tipped the balance is the fact that her best friend Angie is dead, and her father is indirectly responsible for that death. Whatever her reasons, I think calling Grace must have taken a lot of courage and a moral and emotional conflict. When she calls, Grace isn’t in her best moment as someone has left a threatening message on her windscreen, and she is rattled. So when she finally gets a grip of herself and tries to question Robyn, the girl hangs up, but Grace knows perfectly who called her. Now Grace thinks she has to talk to Robyn, but how can she ask her to accuse her father… a father the girl clearly loves?

Another thing is that Grace finally reveals to Lance what she knows about Lance’s murder and what he was hiding. At first, Lance reacts angrily, which isn’t a surprise to Grace, but then he turns up at her place, and Grace tells him everything. She believes that Peter was investigating some shady property deals in Portugal, and it seems the police federation was involved. What she doesn’t know why Peter was investigating the case, and why he was in Essex. What she doesn’t know either is the link between this corrupt businesses, the Kirkby’s and Curtis Mullins, and the illegal weapons provided by Leonard Ingold, and I’m also dying to know why Mark Kirkby wanted a gun and how it ended up in Russel’s possession.

When I started reading this novel, I thought the case was straightforward. Yet, it is more complex and fascinating I thought at first. I’m enjoying every single minute.


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