Shot Through the Heart 9


Grace gets her progress thwarted when she talks to Colin Pitman, his boss.

It is clear that he is’t going to do anything. Yet, she is determined to find the truth. So she contacts Ivo and reveals what she knows and asks for his help. I can understand how she must feel, alone without anybody to turn to. She longs to tell Lance the truth, but Robin has specifically forbid her not to say a word. No wonder she is trying to find a way around the obstacle in her way, so she calls Ivo, who is determined to help Davey. So she readily agrees to help her, and when she tells him about Portugal and Peter Burnley, he decides to look into the matter. So he travels there and he comes into contact with a retired corrupt police officer, and his excuse is he wants to find some property to invest in. I have the hunch that this matter is more complex than it looks. Russel’s murders are apparently going to uncover something big. I think the police association is involved in something sketchy. I have no idea how all the elements match. There must be something in Portugal that is important, maybe something concerning property sales. What I am intrigued to know is the business about the illegal gun Mark Kirkby presumably owned and how it was in Russel’s possession.

Another thing is Leonard Ingold. Robyn is now finding out the truth about her father, and she has put two and two together and realized that her father is supplying ammunition to criminals. I am not sure I understand why Leonard takes bags of casings and sinks them in the river. Is there a dark reason behind this? Robyn is rebelling against her parents now, and her mother has blown a gasket as she tries to make her daughter to ignore what she now knows. I wonder how this will end up. I’m pretty sure Leonard will be found out in the end, and what role Robyn will play in this, I’d like to know.


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