Shot Through the Heart 8


Grace has made the same connection as I did last night.

Lion King can be Leonard Ingold, but she has no evidence. Then something unexpected happens. She is jogging when another runner barges into her, and before she could register what is happening, he beats her up. The stranger flees before she can defend herself or call for help. Grace wonders if this man is someone who has been sent by Curtis Mullins, Mark’s mate, as a warning. That means it could be a police officer. The problem is she couldn’t see his face as he was wearing a hood. Grace doesn’t have evidence that this attack has anything to do with her investigation, and for all she knows, it could be someone who had a problem and took her out on her. But I don’t think that is possible. What are the odds she could be targeted in a random attack?

Then while she is seeing to her injuries, she gets a call from Lance. He is back from Portugal, and he wants to see her. Grace feels awkward because of the information she has kept from him. When he gets to her place, he comes straight to the point. In a magazine about property, there is a photo in which Peter appears with some other men. Lance has found out that the photo was taken in October, but Peter never told him anything, so Lance feels hurt, thinking that Peter was keeping information from him, which is actually true. Grace is still debating with herself whether to tell him what she knows out of her friendship to him, or keep loyal to her job. Then when she recognizes another man in the photograph, she decides to keep the information until she can find out more. The man she recognizes is Adam Kirkby, Mark’s brother. She also recalls Curtis telling her that Adam had been with him and Mark when they had been in a pub when Lance and Peter had also been there. Grace also finds suspicious now that Curtis was the first one at the scene of the crime when Peter’s body was found. The link between these two cases is strengthening. Grace also wonders why a police officer like Mark would risk buying an illegal gun when he could easily have got hold of a gun permit. So why did Mark want the rifle? What did he intend to do? And does this mean Peter was investigating the Kirkby’s? Why? What seedy business were or are they involved in?


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