Shot Through the Heart 7


Grace’s instinct doesn’t let her down.

Curtis Mullins, the police officer who was Mark Kirkby’s best friend, finally admits that he actually smashed Russel’s rear light, the excuse to pull him over. It was something Mark asked him. From my perspective I find this difficult to understand. If a friend  asks you to harass a man you have nothing against and abuse your position of power, how can you do it? Curtis has risked his job and reputation to do this for his friend, and I don’t think Curtis understood why Mark was asking him. Now he has a guilty conscience to fight and an image as a corrupt policeman, at least in the eyes of Grace.

Grace is also trying to find more about the armourer who sold the bullets and probably the rifle. She suspects that the rifle belonged to Mark, but it is only a suspicion. If she is right, how did Russel end up with the gun? Grace visits a man in prison who was involved in several robberies of lorries and used the same kind of bullets as Russel did. Grace questions him about his supplier, and he tells her that there were intermediaries and the big name was protected. The only thing he can tell her is the nickname that this armourer was known for, the Lion King. I guess that the man Grace is after is Leonard. His name Leonard comes from the Latin word for “Lion”, and I wonder if King has to do with his surname ‘Ingold’.

Apart from Grace, Ivo is still making his own enquiries. He has travelled to Weymouth where Russel’s ex-wife and the children live now after Mark’s father helped her through the police federation. Ivo talks to the boy, and he gets him to trust him enough to tell him that he misses his dad and he didn’t like Mark. Davey also tells him about the gun Mark had and he touched, and the boy thinks that this was the gun his father used. I wonder what Ivo is going to do with this information.

I’m so intrigued about all the questions in this novel. Why did Russel go on a killing spree? Was it just the incident with Curtins Mullins  which drove her to the limit? Did he use Mark’s rifle to kill him and the rest of the people? And if so, how did he get hold of it? Is Leonard the armourer Grace is after? I think I know the answer to this question, and I’m pretty sure he is the man. This means he is indirectly responsible for deaths and crimes. Will Grace eventually find out his real identity? Does that mean he can be arrested for supplying illegal munition and guns to criminals? And how will Robyn feel about it? And what about Peter Burnley’s death? Who was he? And who killed him? So many questions I need answers for!!! That will have to wait for tomorrow. Good night!



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