Shot Through the Heart 5


The story is getting more complicated.

There is a new murder, and as soon as we learn that the body was found in the car park of a gay pub, I suspected that it could be Lance’s boyfriend, Peter. I wasn’t wrong. What Grace then is told is that Peter was working undercover for the police or the government. So he wasn’t the person Lance thought he was, and his name probably wasn’t even Peter. The worst thing for Grace is that she can’t tell Lance any of this as her boss has made her swear secrecy. I wonder if Peter’s crime has anything to do with what Grace is investigating. She is looking into the weapon that Russel used to kill these people and could have belonged to Mark Kirkby, and the possible local armourer behind the illegal bullets. Peter was not killed by weapon, but his head was smashed with a baseball bat. What Grace is curious about is who Peter was and why he was in Essex. It is clear that he was investigating something, but what? Maybe he was also trying to locate the armourer who provided the bullets for all those crimes Grace has found out.

And Robyn is now worried about her father and is seeing him in a different light. What triggered this reaction was when she realized that her father hasn’t talked the truth about Detective Duncan visiting him. Robyn sees something disturbing in her father, a capacity to lie and at the same time, calmness. Is this the man who made those bullets that killed so many people? Did Russel buy them from him, or was it really Mark who had them for his rifle?


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